June 23, 2022: A TikTok competitor on the rise? Stranger Things have happened. 

In this edition: 

      • YouTube Shorts reaches 1.5B monthly active users (MAUs)
      • TikTok’s summer trends showcase rising stars 
      • The Amazon Resort rewards creators for a job well done


We Love You, Tube!

The Story

YouTube Shorts is pulling TikTok numbers while getting ahead in the live shopping game.

A Little Healthy Competition

YouTube Shorts says that after making its U.S. debut in March 2021, its monthly usership is up to 1.5 billion. With a bigger push for creator collaboration and live stream shopping making up a portion of its 2022 goals, we’d say YouTube is making a case for Shorts greatness. The 1B significance is telling of its growing success; for comparison, TikTok reached 1 billion MAUs in September 2021 after launching in 2016. 


Speaking of shopping on Shorts, brands are getting involved in a big way. Skincare and cosmetics brand, Glossier, partnered with YouTube Shorts to launch the Glossier Challenge, a shoppable video competition. This comes on the cusp of YouTube’s live-streamed 2022 Beauty Festival, which debuted the Glossier Challenge and also partnered with a bunch of celebs you know, like Ashley Graham, Kehlani, and more. 


YouTube is primed for shoppable live stream excellence. Why? It’s been in the video space since prominent influencers of today were tweens. With commerce integrations top of mind for all platforms, YouTube is capitalizing on the strengths that have made it one of the top social platforms across all ages. Does TikTok have to look out for that number one spot? 


TikTok Lessons Come In Mysterious Ways

The Story

From new music (Beyonce???) to dance trends, reaction sound bytes to talking heads to quotable remixes, summer on TikTok is just heating up.

A Puppet Called Dinx

Trends come and go on TikTok, but that’s the beauty of its ever-evolving content. And one of the biggest new stars that we can learn from? Dinx the puppet, whose strategy shows us that authenticity, profile pinning, and community management is a gamechanger. The wholesome edutainment of @starwarsdinx makes for a TikTok success story you need to see to believe. 

Best Foot Forward

As always, Internet safety is a focus – and TikTok is doing its part to highlight red flags when it can. A new tool schedules screentime breaks and tracks daily usage to help users improve their digital wellbeing. In addition, creators are speaking out about viral TikTok content that is actually #sponcon. Fetish site, FeetFinder, has been called out for their influencer marketing campaign that has relied on creators claiming that they’ve made thousands from posting on the site – but the reality is that those claims were undisclosed paid sponsorships.


TikTok is constantly showing us what to do and what not to do in terms of sponsored content. Sometimes a puppet inspires you to pursue new strategies; sometimes FeetFinder shows you how not to use sponsored content. One thing is for sure – there’s never a dull moment in influencer marketing, especially on this particular channel. 


Amazon’s Summer Plans

The Story

Amazon rewarded its top-performing influencers with a three-day getaway to a private retreat in Todos Santos, Mexico. 

Sun, Sand, and Todos Santos

Spa treatments. Gourmet dinners. Cocktail hours. R&R time by the pool. Beach content. That’s the dream vacation that an intimate group of Amazon Influencers was treated to at the Amazon Resort. After seeing what not to do, modeled by Coachella’s Revolve Fest and the oft-mentioned Fyre Festival disaster, Amazon made a case for what experiential marketing should look like.

Thank You, Creators

Amazon’s Influencer Program requires that participants have proven activity and engagement on other social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. With a host of creators present from all around the influencer marketing sphere, you’d think that this prime vacation would involve some content demands in return. The twist? No content production required. Though many did take the beautiful backdrop as an opportunity to capture beautiful content, Amazon kept it low-key and low-pressure. 


Experiential marketing is certainly making a comeback. But also emerging is something new, set by Amazon’s example — the reward for valuable work that doesn’t capitalize on anything but unwinding and relaxing. With mostly positive feedback from creators who enjoyed the special getaway, we’re pleased to see that not every influencer-focused experience is at risk of Fyre Festival-level infamy.