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Influence Marketing Platform for the Enterprise

Influence Marketing Platform for the Enterprise

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The Mavrck Influence Cloud

We believe that the ideas and content people trust today come from other consumers.

The Mavrck Influence Cloud identifies and activates influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists across marketing functions to harness the power of social proof at every customer journey touchpoint.

  • What would happen if you used different influence personas together to amplify the impact of your marketing communications? advertising? e-commerce experience? mobile experience? shopper experience? social media? email? events?
  • What would happen if you used influencer generated content user generated content influencer insights ratings & reviews product feedback influencer generated video to enhance the value of your Customer Experience (CX) touchpoints?
  • What would happen if you invited influencers to your marketing & communications research strategy planning creative content media distribution measurement process?
Create, Amplify, Submit Create, Amplify, Submit

Photos, videos, ratings & reviews, research, insights, product feedback, ads…

…that are consistent with brand guidelines …which can be forecasted …that’s mobile optimized across high-volume touchpoints …that plug into your digital transformation strategy …to increase brand awareness …to increase loyalty …that will make your social listening more actionable …that benefit marketing disciplines across your organization …to change brand perception …to increase consideration and intent …that plug into your existing measurement & attribution models …that can help your marketing organization attract top talent …to drive positive word-of-mouth and advocacy …to generate revenue …to increase viewability …to drive signups …that are personalized and relevant to your existing customer journey …that plug into your existing workflow, such as technology stacks …to drive product trial …to increase brand engagement …that are proven to perform based on historical benchmarks …that make every brand touchpoint more influential …to acquire new customers …that increase speed and lower non-working dollar inefficiency …for multivariate or A/B testing …that are mobile optimized across high-volume touchpoints …that can be repurposed across your other paid, earned, and owned strategies …that plug into your CMS …to help you keep up with emerging channels where advertising is not yet an option

The Only All-In-One Influencer Marketing Platform

The Mavrck platform provides end-to-end relationship management and workflow automation to implement integrated influencer, advocacy, referral, and loyalty enterprise marketing programs at scale.

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All-In-One Influence Management for the Enterprise
Dynamic Relationship Management & Activation
Performance Forecasting, Real-time Reporting & Optimization
Incentive Tracking & Fulfillment


Mavrck named among the top influencer marketing platforms

Search Precision
Ease of Use
Management Tools
Reporting /Analytics
“If an influencer marketing platform could have a baby with a loyalty/rewards platform, that baby would be Mavrck. That baby’s clever as hell, too.” Read the full review on Influencer Marketing Hub

The program helped Yasso build significant awareness through the key summer months. Mavrck gives the perfect mix of incentive-based programming and key influencer messaging,” providing a positive consumer experience.

Mike Watts Director Of Marketing at Yasso Frozen Yogurt

Working with Mavrck, we’ve been able to engage 600% more consumers than the Tom’s of Maine official Facebook page and Instagram accounts combined. This has helped us outperform paid social media engagement, while collecting valuable feedback on our products and company from our most influential customers.

Bridget M. Burns Social Media Strategist at Tom’s of Maine

Working with Mavrck was a smart decision for our client, who was in need of not only growing its Facebook base, but also engaging with fans in a meaningful way. The Mavrck team went above and beyond for us to over deliver.

Shawna Hassett Account Executive at Duffy&Shanley