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Mavrck’s 2023 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks

The Mavrck platform powers tens of thousands of influencer activations each year, managed by our customers and the Mavrck Services team. We’ve created benchmarks for marketers to understand how their campaign performance compares against their brand vertical or what to expect for influencer personas based on reach, including CPE, CPM, Engagement Rate, and more.

We recommend creating brand-specific benchmarks after running multiple influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re new to influencer marketing, use this report to understand potential outcomes.

The State of Creator Pay: A Discussion with Marketers and Creators

About this Webinar:

The topic of creator compensation is not new but continues to be important for brands looking to standardize the way they pay creators and for creators to be paid fairly for their work, performance, and access to their following.

Watch this recording to dive into the creator compensation discussion with marketers and creators alike. We’ll cover:

  • The latest research from our new Creator Compensation Report
  • How creators should be thinking about compensation for content creation, repurposing content, and more
  • The pros and cons of flat fees versus pay-for-performance models