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Mavrck’s 2022 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks

The Mavrck platform powers tens of thousands of influencer activations each year, managed by our customers and the Mavrck Services team. We’ve created benchmarks for marketers to understand how their campaign performance compares against their brand vertical or what to expect for influencer personas based on reach, including CPE, CPM, Engagement Rate, and more.

We recommend creating brand-specific benchmarks after running multiple influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re new to influencer marketing, use this report to understand potential outcomes.

NFTs 101:
Why Marketers Should Care

About this Webinar:

Chances are good you’ve probably heard about NFTs or Non-fungible tokens by now. Art, platform, or maybe even a crypto conspiracy, there’s still a lot to digest about what they are and how to leverage NFTs in the marketing world. 

Brands and creators alike are wading into the NFT waters — but is it a PR stunt or truly the future of content creation? 

Download our webinar to learn:

• NFTs 101
• How brands are entering the NFT conversation
• The role of NFTs in the future of the creator economy and content ownership

As creators look to broaden their influence beyond the big social networks and stake a claim over their own content, independent from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others, NFTs could be the solution — or just another flash in the pan. We’re here to educate and demystify the hype behind the movement and where brands and creators fit in.