Harness the Power of Influence Marketing at Scale

The Only All-in-one Platform Trusted by the World’s Largest Brands

Designed to scale your influencer marketing while saving you time & resources. Our fraud detection & brand safety features ensure authenticity and trust.

  • Discover and recruit the right influencers to create high-quality content for your brand.
  • Activate influencers to create content, star ratings, reviews, referrals and insights at scale.
  • Manage influencers & advocates with our easy-to-use automated workflow.
  • Incentivize influencers in a variety of ways, and track it all within the platform to save time & budget.
  • Syndicate quality influencer-generated content to your ecommerce site or retail partners.
  • Measure the ROI of your campaigns and programs with our measurement suite.

Discover Relevant Influencers at Scale

Our patented algorithm & first party opt-in data empowers marketers to find the right influencers to achieve their objectives.

  • Find, activate, and communicate with TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) -approved creators, all through the Mavrck platform
  • Recruit from Mavrck’s global Influencer Index with millions of contactable macro- and micro- influencers across social platforms.
  • Identify influencers based on 20+ criteria, including audience demographics, historical performance & fraud risk.
  • Leverage your existing influencer & consumer relationships to develop your own ambassador network.
  • Easily find influencers using audience search filters that allow marketers to search for and identify relevant creators by their audience using 20+ demographic and psychographic criteria.

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Activate Influencers Across Platforms and Use Cases

Get the most return from your influencer marketing by activating influencers in a variety of ways across the consumer purchase journey:

  • Create: Co-create quality content by efficiently activating dozens to thousands of macro- and micro-influencers at scale across any social platform, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and Blogs.
  • Review: Generate reviews from influential advocates, loyalty members and micro-influencers and syndicate to your ecommerce platform.
  • Research & Survey: Learn from influencers and loyalists for market research, product development & campaign testing.
  • Refer: Activate referrers and drive new consumers to your brand.

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Manage Influencers Easily with an Automated Workflow

Manage your influencers, customer advocates, and loyalists at scale automatically within the platform.

  • Save time and stay organized: Efficiently manage dozens to thousands of influencers at every stage of the process, with our automated and customized workflow stages.
  • Review Drafts: Review & send feedback on content drafts before they go live.
  • Ensure compliance: Easily ensure all content and FTC disclosure requirements are met.

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Increase Efficiencies with Incentive Management

Never miss an influencer payment or product shipment again.

  • Incentivize influencers within the platform with cash, product, gift cards, promo codes, or exclusive experiences.
  • Manage address and payment details of accepted influencers, automatically track rewards & incentives fulfillment.
  • PayPal & TangoCard integrations make it easier than ever to seamlessly and safely pay influencers in multiple currencies, as well as manage bulk payouts.

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Shorten the Purchase Cycle by Syndicating Content

Authentic influencer content affirms consumer trust and drives purchase intent with each interaction.

  • Syndicate content and reviews from influencers & advocates to your ecommerce site and retail partners.
  • Repurpose high-performing content across customer experience touchpoints.
  • We partner with the leading reviews & content syndication providers in the market.

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Measure the Real Impact of your Influencer Marketing

With our advanced measurement offerings, we can help you measure the true impact of your influencer campaigns.

  • CPE & CPM Performance Forecasting: Automatically predict the performance of your campaign in real time.
  • Platform Reporting & Analytics: The real-time campaign analytics dashboard measures engagement, impressions, CPM, CPE, & conversions.
  • Online Conversions: Track clicks & conversions to prove your influencer efforts drive online sales.
  • Brand & Sales Lift Studies: We partner with industry leaders to measure lifts in brand measures and in-store sales.

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