September 27, 2017: WWMPD (What Would Marc Pritchard Do?) – Pritchard’s stance on the future of marketing, the latest from Zuckerburg, influencers being relevant AF, the secret behind Clinique’s new ad campaign, and video FTW.  Here’s what’s worth knowing this week:

When Your BF Won’t Pay Enough Attention to You

Dump him. That’s what P&G CMO Marc Pritchard suggests your brand does with their traditional ad strategy. No matter how much you time, energy, and cash you’ve spent on your ad(s), there’s an 80% chance your beautiful ad won’t be viewed for more than two seconds. Wear-out is real. Last week, Pritchard publically recognized the failing system and called upon industry leaders to come up with the ‘next generation of digital ads.’ So, how does he propose you develop new and innovative ways to engage and capture the attention of consumers?

What it means, IRL: One-to-one marketing and new ad formats. And lots of them. There’s no denying that the current ad experience for consumers is annoying AF. So how do you fix this? Pritchard suggests creating content that is actually relevant to your consumers. So segment your audience like you’ve never segmented before and create content that is hyper-relevant to each sub-audience. Seems simple, right?

Make it Work: Hey Marc, we have another solution for you. It’s called influencer marketing. Once you’ve found the right influencers for your brand, take it a step farther and identify the right influencers for each of your sub-audiences. These individuals will not only create branded content relevant to each of your audiences, but they can also provide you with key insights from a research perspective. This presents a major opportunity for the idea of influence to go beyond just content creation but transgress into insights as well.

BTW, we’re #TeamPritchard all the way.

Kiss Me Thru’ the Phone

Or do your product research ‘thru’ the phone. Mobile continues to be consumers’ preferred go-to source for pre-purchase product research. And with apps accounting for 89% of mobile media time, you can pretty much assume that consumers are turning to apps to guide their purchasing decisions. Social media giants are not only recognizing this trend, but are developing new ad formats to create an ‘immersive mobile experience’ for consumers, @MarcPritchard.

Okay, well maybe not all social media giants – but Zuck & Co. sure are. This week, FB unveiled the newest addition to their hallmark canvas ad templates, Collection. And it’s pretty. Unlike the app’s other ad templates, Collection allows marketers to exhibit multiple pieces of content, while pairing enhanced lifestyle imagery with products. The goal? Drive sales through replicating a catalogue-esque experience for consumers.

And if that’s not enough, Collection gives marketers the ability to display hyper-relevant content to consumers, sound familiar?

Wife ‘Em Up

That’s what companies are saying about their relationships with influencers. To name drop – Target, CoverGirl and Band-Aid to be exact. Earlier this week, the mega-brands announced their plans to develop ‘deeper, longer-term, and more engaged’ relationships with influencers, nodding to the long-term added value of influencers. Aw, how romantic.

Brands are finally beginning to realize that developing deeper relationships with influencers increases the quality of content produced in addition to dramatically increasing engagement. Well, duh. We’re all over this in our 2018 Trend Report as well as our Strategy and Planning eBook.

New Ad, Who Dis?

Welcome to America in the 21st century where we like to drink our Starbucks Frappuccinos while surfing the web, watching TV, and texting – all at the same time. This presents many problems for many brands – how do brands create content knowing that it will need to be tweaked for each platform? Take notes from Clinique. Instead of creating distinct strategies for each channel, Clinique repurposed some of their most basic content to use the same ad across multiple channels. And it worked.

Food for thought: What’s to say influencer-generated content (IGC) is any different? If you have great IGC, why not repurpose it across multiple channels? You’re welcome.

All Hail Video

Video is sooooo in. Like for real, more than half the population watches at least one video per day. Honestly, we think it’s only a matter time before video takes over the world. And LinkedIn agrees. Last summer, LinkedIn gave its users the ability to upload videos directly to the platform. The inclusion of video has been super successful for the platform and the B2B community has been having fun with the new feature, to say the least.

Keep it up, professionals. 


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