Influencer marketing automation may be a relatively new marketing strategy, but it has undergone several evolutions already within its short lifespan. What used to be a labor-intensive, high-risk, high-reward tactic a few years ago has now become a predictable and efficient strategy to drive quantifiable value for your brand objectives, all thanks to automation.

Influencer marketing automation involves any number of tools and platforms that simplify the process of finding, recruiting, and activating influencers. Depending on the category of desired influencer (mega, macro, or micro), the level and style of automation will vary. For example, an influencer platform that touts celebrity influencers may offer automation in the form of indexing and providing lists of ideal influencer matches for your brand.

how marketers use influencers in influencer marketing automation

On the other hand, a micro-influencer platform or influencer software platform like Mavrck can provide automation from beginning to end of your strategy, helping you discover your influencers, segment them into desired audiences, and implement a series of actions all within a customized brand dashboard.

The biggest benefit of influencer marketing automation is that it reduces two things substantially: first, the amount of time you have to commit to the strategy, and second, the level of risk you are taking on your influencers, since it can provide more suitable matches for your brand in a shorter amount of time than it may take you to do manually.

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