Where in the customer decision journey is your current influencer marketing strategy currently falling short? In order for brands to stay on top of the competition in 2016, each of the four stages of the journey must be completely optimized in order to minimize churn and continue to grow a customer base. If your current strategy isn’t nailing all four, not to worry: we’ve got an influencer for that. Below, we provide the ideal influencer category for each of the four stages, with a brief explanation of why they’re the best fit:

the customer decision journey for influencer marketing



(Part of the Journey: Awareness, Consideration)


Of the three influencer types, mega-influencers have the largest audience, with a social media following of millions on any given network. As a result, they possess the ability to generate brand awareness the most efficiently.


(Part of the Journey: Evaluation)


Macro and micro-influencers both possess the brand relevance necessary to deliver an organic, authentic, and trustworthy message on behalf of your brand, therefore making an impact on a consumer’s consideration process.


(Part of the Journey: Decision)


Micro-influencers are optimized for the “decision” part of the journey, also known as conversion on objectives: for every one micro-influencer activated on the Mavrck platform, three friends convert to a brand’s objectives on average.


(Part of the Journey: Loyalty, Advocacy, Experience)


 Micro-influencers are the only influencer category that makes a direct impact on the post-purchase experience. As loyal brand customers themselves, they can increase engagement and activity within your given loyalty community, or deliver feedback or insight with surveys.

Reviews  & recommendations are some of the biggest determinants in how other prospective customers weigh their decisions during the evaluation stage of their journey. As a result, CPG products live and die by their success in the post-commerce stage more than any other industry.


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