Recorded: July 8, 2020

About this Webinar:

TikTok recently topped 2 billion downloads, as it was the most downloaded app in Q1 2020. Not only are users downloading the app more than leading social media platforms, but they are also spending more time engaging with its content. In March, the average time spent per visitor was 476 minutes (nearly 8 hours) compared to an average of 319.5 minutes (roughly 5 hours) spent on Instagram.

There’s a lot of 101 TikTok content out there, but marketers are ready to level up their TikTok influencer practice. All social media networks go through a maturation, and we’ll discuss where TikTok fits on that scale and how marketers’ window to make their mark early is dwindling. We’ll also cover how intermediate TikTok marketers should be building their presence on the channel with influencers, and how to not just participate in trends, but be the trendsetters.

Join Rachael Cihlar, VP of Influencer Marketing Center of Excellence, and Ellie Jenkins, Influencer Marketing Manager, to discuss the following:

  • TikTok’s growth trajectory
  • How intermediate TikTok marketers should be building their presence now
  • How to move from imitators to trend setters on the channel
  • COVID-19’s impact on TikTok usage and cause-based initiatives
  • Predictions for the future of TikTok

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