New to the social media game? Don’t worry, to help you get started there are a few norms you can post to your channels and get your audience engaged. It’s important to not fall into the trap of always promoting your product – your fans will soon see you as spam. Instead, liven up your posts and use these themes as a reason to get creative!

1. Motivational Monday

Monday’s can really suck. We’ve all been there. While your fan’s Monday means they are back starting the grind for the week – you can be the voice of motivation to help them get through the day. Show a simple image with motivational text and get their spirits lifted. Adding the #Mondays tag will get you some extra eyes as well. Try thanking your followers for being so valuable to you or do some digging and find a great quote!

2. Tip Tuesday

Has your customer service team been receiving the same question over and over? Are you release a new feature or product that might need some explaining? Use Tuesday as the perfect way to release tips with insights into your product. Try releasing one each month and watch the customer service inquiries disappear!

3. Hump Day

Just like Monday, nobody likes realizing that they are only halfway through the work week. Remind your fans that their amazing weekend plans are only a couple days away. Rather than a motivational approach, like on Monday, use a more comical approach to Hump Day on Wednesday. Have you seen this great Geico commercial yet?

4. Throwback Thursday

Participate in #tbt! Highlight what products you were selling this time last year, what a co-founder looked like as a baby or even showcase an alpha version of your app. Giving your followers some personal insight to your team is not a bad thing!

5. Follow Friday

Time for the day of the week specifically focused on getting more fans! Participate in Follow Friday to find new fans to engage with. Usually you will get follow-backs and bump up your audience number. If you don’t, no sweat! Favorite, Like, or Re-Tweet posts from the new people you’re following and tap into a new circle of customers. Be sure to use the tag #FF when you do too. What better way to end the week than with more potential customers!