Nothing says “Personal Brand” quite like a presidential campaign. In the final stretch of candidate madness, we analyzed the five remaining 2016 presidential candidates’ Facebook pages to see whose fans are driving the most buzz and engagement among their peers.

Mavrck’s Fan Grader calculated fans’ influence based on their ability to drive friends to engage with organic posts shared from each candidates’ Facebook Page. The report not only determines each candidates’ overall Influencer Index – the average number of friends engaged per comment – but also reveals the top 100 fans who are driving the most influence.

The ability to impact core voting demographics-such as Millennials-on social media is a key tactic to modern presidential campaigns. Facebook has become such an omnipresent channel that studies have begun to link Facebook feeds to voting patterns. So while a Facebook page may not encapsulate the full extent of a politician’s super delegates, it does provide strong indicators to the extent of each campaign’s current state of momentum, early signs of lagging and predicted chances of victory. Are people talking about the candidate? Are they engaging with the candidate’s posts, and in doing so, are they engaging their friends around the candidate’s posts as well?

Below, check out our breakdown of how each candidate’s Facebook fans are amplifying their campaigns:

Presidential Fan Influence_Mavrck Infographic

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