Loving Twitch? Here’s Who To Follow In 2022.

For brands, the Twitch world can be difficult to navigate. With culture and customs all its own, it can feel overwhelming trying to find exactly what you’re looking for on Twitch. Never fear! We’ve taken the time to highlight some of our favorite creators and content on Twitch that you can look to for inspiration, brand collaborations, or even pure entertainment. Use this list to find authentic personas in the streaming world that are sure to entice and excite any consumer through their streams. Let’s get to it.




After going viral because he attempted to return money to his subscribers, the New Zealand-native BROXH_ has become the face of ‘wholesome’ Twitch streamers and also has an active YouTube channel. His channel focuses on woodworking, guidance to his viewers on emotional turmoil, bite-sized philosophic advice, and how to be a good person. 





An accessibility design specialist at Ubisoft, halfcoordinated provides captions in the Dyslexie font, anti-discriminatory regulations on their chat, and a warm, inviting personality for all audiences to enjoy. They play a wide variety of games and their proficiency is no joke. From speedruns to laid-back adventures, halfcoordinated is a top-tier streamer.




twitch-creator-datadaveWho doesn’t love a great sense of humor? The only thing better is humor paired with expertise on Pokémon and Final Fantasy. Like Pikachu, DataDave is a thunderbolt of positivity with an electric taste in music and anime. As a voice actor and college professor, his family-friendly channel is one you’ll want to capture on your quest “to catch em’ all!”




twitch-creator-one_shot_gurlPositivity isn’t an easy attitude to come by online. Luckily, this isn’t the case with ONE_shot_GURL. While games like Resident Evil are not all sunshine and rainbows, ONE_shot_GURL brings a kind and optimistic demeanor through her gameplay. Also known for her Pokémon pack drawings, she provides a great balance of content and a kind heart to make each stream session shine.




As a remarkably talented professional comic book artist for DC, DomoStanton shows his audience the process of comic illustration through his intense effort and dedication to his craft. He brings new light to characters like Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Zelda and his streams are a prime example of non-video game content that inspires all kinds of Twitch users.




twitch-creator-miekiiNew York City is filled with original content everywhere you look. Miekii aims to bring a slice of NYC life to his audience. As a bike deliveryman, he shows what happens during his day-to-day as he weaves through the blocks of the Big Apple, giving commentary on his admiration for various city locations. 




twitch-creator-falsesymmetryWe’d be remiss to not include Minecraft, but that’s not to say Minecraft gameplay is the only reason falsesymmetry made this list. Architectural prowess combined with an accessible presentation style, falsesymmetry streams to give awe to all. A favorite of the Minecraft community, massive towers and beautiful village-scapes are just a few of the impressive building feats falsesymmetry has accomplished in the Minecraft world.  




twitch-creator-englishsimmerWhile the Sims language can be hard to understand, EnglishSimmer is not. The well-spoken and community-first streamer dives into Sims 4 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in an inclusive and friendly way, fostering a good-natured environment in her chat community. She brings energy and positivity to games modeling life and a new perspective on how these games can help anyone find joy in the little things. 




twitch-creator-angorytomA personal favorite, I have watched AngoryTom for a number of years. While some streamers utilize gimmicks, Tom is as authentic as they come. His gentle kindness and relaxed playstyle is comforting and entertaining for any viewer. His “Superchill” episodes provide a lovely break from everyday life and a silly, friendly warmth that can be felt through the screen. That warmth paired with his humor and creative editing leaves a lasting impression on his viewers that can brighten even the darker days.



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