Part 5 of our Influencer Marketing & Relations in 2018 series: the ultimate checklist to develop your 2018 Influencer Marketing & Relations strategy.  


Marketers are struggling to close the trust gap between brands and consumers. During the last decade, the philosophical ideas of influence and trust, and its practice within marketing, has shifted and continues to morph rapidly due to ever-changing digital platforms. The content that consumers trust today is content that’s created by consumers like them, while trust in corporations, financial institutions and the government is at an all time low.

This puts marketers in the position and opportunity to bridge the trust gap between brands and consumers in 2018. Using the checklist and cross-pollination influencer marketing matrix below as a guide, we outline how you can enhance your influencer marketing & relations strategy in 2018 by adopting an integrated influencer marketing mix, and embedding , integrated dimensions of influence into select CX touchpoints.

[Checklist] Does your Influencer Marketing and Relations Strategy:

❑  Integrate with the larger CX?

❑  Span the matrixed, siloed Marketing organization?

❑  Use technology to integrate to CX touchpoints?

❑  Utilize AI-powered, all-in-one, IMR technology to manages all tiers of the iMM?

❑  Integrate into the existing Marketing and Advertising Technology Stacks?

❑  Reduce Influencer Brand Dissonance (IBD)?

❑  Invite influencers into the boardroom as important sources of unique information?

❑  Reach into the CX touch points for Influencer identification?

❑  Utilize brand safety algorithms?

❑  Allow for dynamic segmentation of Influencers by influence, topic, demo, and location?

❑  Allow for Influencers-led research & insights?

❑  Allow for ratings & review generation?

❑  Allow for personalized, incentivized, contextually relevant activations throughout the different touchpoints of your customer journey, i.e. CX?

❑  Allow for performance forecasting & goal setting?

Does your Influencer Marketing and Relations Strategy Cross-Pollinate Influencers?


For more on how this expanded role of influencer marketing & relations can help to increase the effectiveness of your brand communications, as well as mitigate inefficiencies across your marketing & communications disciplines, check out Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 of this series. To access the full trend report, download Influencer Marketing & Relations Trends in 2018: Integrating Multiple Dimensions of Influence into the Customer Experience.