What is the current state of influencer marketing? 

To get a snapshot of how and where influencer strategies are being adopted, we asked 64 of the world’s top marketing executives to get their take on the status of the influencer industry. While every marketer’s influencer program was unique to his or her brand objectives, there was one overwhelming consensus— influencer marketing is cost-effective, scalable, and effective for their brands.

Below, we break down the state of influencer marketing across five categories:

where do you place influencers

Although influencer marketing is often viewed as a top-funnel marketing tactic, 35% of marketers were using it for bottom-funnel strategies as well.

influencer marketing is

93% of marketers surveyed believe influencer marketing is effective for their brand.

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55% of marketers were still managing their influencer strategy manually in-house at the time of the survey.

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Only 18% of marketers were using mega-influencers within their influencer strategy.

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