Are you looking for inspiration for your 2014 marketing campaigns? Have a look through the nine Facebook campaigns that have inspired us to be our most creative selves in 2014 – we hope they do the same for you!


1. Oreo Daily Twist


The popular cookie brand created 100 eye-catching Facebook posts for the 100 days leading up to its 100th birthday.

Some included a multi-layered rainbow Oreo on June 25th for Pride Day, Mars rover tracks on an open-faced red iced Oreo on its landing day – August 5th, and a black and white profile of Elvis Presley’s face on August 14th for Elvis week (with the Oreo logo placed sneakily into the king of rock and roll’s hair).

Oreo’s Facebook friends went up by one million, and its interactions skyrocketed 195%.

2. Pepsi’s “Like” Currency

Pepsi installed vending machines worldwide that did not accept money, only ‘likes’. Customers could log in on their smartphones, “like” Pepsi’s Facebook page and a can of sweet goodness dispensed out of the machine for free. Or they could use the touch screen on the machine itself to log in to a Facebook account.

This campaign showed the blending of the online world and the real world, and turned customers into Facebook followers. To date, their Facebook page has over 31 million likes.

3. Lay’s Do us a Flavor


The chip corporation asked America to create the next best potato chip flavor. Users proposed their ideas and voted on Facebook. Lay’s capitalized on the fact that Facebook is a fantastic platform to have 2-way conversations.

The winner (cheesy garlic bread!) saw his/her creation come to life and walked away with a sweet prize – $1M, and Lays reversed its 6-year decline in sales.

4: Maxxinista


T.J. Maxx is using social media to re-brand their image from a place where frumpy housewives shopped to a boutique where fashionistas find affordably priced high-quality fashion.

Their Facebook page provides a platform for #maxxinistas to enter contests, win gift cards, and puts a spotlight on their fans by featuring monthly #maxxinistas. By giving followers incentives, the word spread out to friends and increased participation. Today, the T.J. Maxx Facebook page has over 2 million likes!

5: HRC’s Red Equality Sign


The Human Rights Campaign was one of the most visible campaigns on Facebook in 2013. Its Facebook campaign launched the evening before two historic marriage equality hearings.

Millions of Facebook users adopted the red logo. Approximately 120% more users changed their profile pictures that Tuesday (March 26th) than on the Tuesday prior (March 19th). The logo received 10 million impressions, 189,177 shares, 95,725 likes, and has appeared more than 18 million times in news feeds.

6: The Westjet Christmas Miracle

This campaign took place a few weeks before Christmas and spread holiday cheer. A big present-present shaped box with Santa inside (on a screen) asked passengers waiting to board what they wanted for Christmas. It was exciting and delightful for all of the WestJet customers who had their wishes granted when they landed at their final destination and instilled brand loyalty in planeloads of people.

WestJet’s real-time giving YouTube was posted onto their Facebook page and it went viral! It has received over 28,000 likes, over 11,000 shares and over 3,000 comments on the link itself.

7: Liberty Mutual “Humans” Vignettes


This campaign uses Facebook as its main social platform and ties the same message to its traditional advertisements.

We think it is an extremely innovative and influential campaign for an insurance company. By illustrating moments in daily life where people aren’t perfect, Liberty Mutual hones in on these instances and flags them as moments when people are more likely to need insurance. Plus they have implemented the catchy phrase ‘Human Moment #XXX’ with a series of the photographs they post.

8. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


Anchorman 2’s Ron Burgundy campaign penetrated unexpected audiences. For example, Ron Burgundy appeared covering the Australian election on Australian news, which placed the movie into the consciousness of Australian audiences. Plus, he sold cars, launched a new brand of scotch, and produced lots of web-exclusive content.

Their Facebook page highlights its successes…

It has over 3 million likes and over 60,000 people talking about the movie to date. The page also features different tabs that engage users in different ways. These include: character photos, ‘get tickets now’, a meme generator, and an interactive game called the ‘scotchy scotch toss’.

9. Dove Real Beauty


Dove’s Real Beauty campaign has had a constant presence over the past couple of years. You may remember their first ads picturing women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities in white undergarments. Recently, their real beauty sketches made headlines once more. An FBI trained artist was asked to sketch the same woman twice (once under her own description and once through a stranger’s eyes). It proved that only 4% of women around the world see themselves as beautiful.

Their Facebook page boasts a cover photo with the slogan “hello, beautiful” and has over 21 million likes, plus photo posts hashtagged with the phrases #realwomenproblems and #beautyis.