It has been several months since our work circumstances changed overnight. We shifted from seeing each other most days in the office and being able to grab a bite together after work, to social distancing and working remotely every day. While our incredible team at Mavrck has shown resilience and continues to drive results, it is no surprise that employees everywhere are starting to feel the pressures and challenges that come with balancing the integration of work and their personal lives during this pandemic. So, how can we encourage employees to take time for themselves and re-energize when each morning feels like groundhog day?

In an effort to help find this important balance for our team, Mavrck extended our Summer Fridays through the end of the year, calling them Flex Fridays – something that has been met with unanimous appreciation. With Flex Fridays, employees are given the opportunity to spend their Friday afternoon however they want. Some employees make a no-meeting block on their calendar and others, like some of our Denver employees, take advantage by getting a jump start on a camping or hiking trip – either way, that decision is up to each employee. Why? Because giving employees more #MeTime has proven to be one of the best ways to combat burnout, increase productivity and boost employee morale.  

During an especially difficult and emotionally draining time, we want to further support our team and promote well-being, which we know can be majorly impacted by work-life balance, or lack thereof. Our commitment to our customers remains a top priority, and employees who are customer-facing are still expected to fulfill those commitments, while also knowing that they can and should take the time they need to recharge – even if it’s not on a Friday afternoon. 

Flexibility has always been promoted at Mavrck because we trust our employees to work where they want, whenever they want. The Mavrck team continues to focus on delivering results and working in a way that best supports this mentality. We believe that giving employees autonomy to manage their schedules in a way that allows them to create their own work-life balance while being mindful of what they need to be happy and productive is critical to the success of Mavrck. To show our support of this core company value, having Flex Fridays demonstrates our commitment to empowering team members and helping them realize the importance of re-energizing.

This is just one of what could be many changes to come in the evolving corporate landscape as we learn to adapt during unprecedented times. For example, more and more companies are following tech leaders such as Google, who has committed to working from home through mid 2021 and even instituted a “collective wellbeing” day off to show support for their employees.

If you have successfully implemented new policies and benefits for your employees, or are looking to do so, our People Experience team would love to connect and share ideas. Reach out to us at [email protected] so we can chat!