If you hadn’t heard already, The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX 28-24. From kickoff to the interception by Malcolm Butler in the final minute, the conversation around #SB49 dominated Twitter. Over 28.4 million global tweets containing game-related terms and the halftime show were tweeted–surpassing last year’s 24.9 million, and making this the most tweeted Super Bowl ever. The halftime show itself generated 3 million tweets.

The entire thing lit up the map:

Twitter revealed which plays elicited the most tweets per minute. The first was the Malcolm Butler interception in the fourth quarter, which generated 395,000 tweets per minute, followed by the final buzzer (379,000 TPM), and the end of Katy Perry’s halftime show (284,000 TPM).

These were the most-mentioned Patriots players:
1. Tom Brady
2. Rob Gronkowski
3. Julian Edelman

These were the most-mentioned Seahawks players:
1. Marshawn Lynch
2. Russell Wilson
3. Chris Matthews

As for the big brands we’ve been eagerly anticipating the $4.5 million ad premieres from? Here is a quick look at select hashtags during the game:

super bowl xlix 2015 twitter statistics

Tune in later this week as we analyze the cost, return, and value of advertising (or not) during the Super Bowl. Here’s a sneak peak as we did a quick comparison of Twitter followers before and after a brand ran their Super Bowl commercial.

super bowl xlix 2015 twitter statistics

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