Influencer Marketing in 15 Minutes: 5 Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Recorded: Wednesday, July 14

12:00PT | 3:00 ET


Has a year plus of  video conferencing and chatting given you “zoom fatigue”? Are you looking to learn more about influencer marketing but in quick, digestible sessions? We’ve got you covered. Join us in July and August for our summer webinar series: Influencer Marketing in 15 minutes. Every other Wednesday, we’ll discuss your most asked influencer marketing questions in short webinars with 15 minutes of quick-hitting content and an optional 15 minutes of Q&A. 

The 5 Influencer Marketing Mistakes Covered:

  1. Trying to achieve too many goals
  2. Using the wrong influencers
  3. Using the wrong channels
  4. Being too prescriptive
  5. Treating influencer campaigns as one-off tactics
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