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Making waves this week? The fight for ‘relevance’: Twitter expands ad audience by 500M, the #AuthenticLife of an Instagram Husband and Facebook’s new tools for Pages. 

On the Sixth Day of Hanukkah…

Twitter got itself over 500M new non-users. 

Twitter announced that it will end its self-imposed ad-block and begin displaying Promoted Tweets to its ‘logged out’ audience of 500 million people who visit Twitter, but don’t have an account – including those who click on tweets in Google search results. 

Huge deal for the Little Blue Bird to actually tap into its full audience, given its struggling user growth. So who is this ‘logged-out’ audience anyways, these stealthy non-Tweeps? We know nothing! Just kidding, targeting is based on search & referral context.


Then They Were Confused

For those stealthy non-Tweeps who do take the plunge to become users IRL, your experience will now be completely different because of… wait for it… Facebook. 

As if ‘Likes’ weren’t enough, Twitter is flirting with abandoning another one of its defining features – the reverse chron timeline – and experimenting with ordering tweets by relevance instead of time. What the non-chron, guys.

I thought we had that ‘relevance’ thing covered by following relevant accounts, creating relevant lists, tabs on relevant trends, ‘While You Were Away’ relevant recaps and recently, the latest & greatest relevant ‘Moments’. We’re so relevant, time is the only thing that makes sense.

It’s not reletime. It’s realtime. 


That #AuthenticLife of an InstaHusband

Behind every InstaStar’s just-so posed, ‘I woke up like this’ #OOTD, Amaro-filtered photo is a poor plaid-clad BF/husband relegated to ‘human selfie stick’ status.

Meet Instagram Husband and the backstory.

From comedy group The Mystery Hour, there’s now a support group for that.


#FBF: Return of the Away Message

Is Page ‘response rate’ the new ‘organic reach’?

Facebook reportedly receives 2.5 billion comments on Pages every month, and with that, it introduced a whole suite of new tools for managing communication with fans.

Think AIM for Pages. New tools include the ability to set away messages and instant replies, as well as inbox redesign and activity tab to track comments. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but you wouldn’t know it by this announcement.

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