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‘Tis the season of takedowns: YouTube’s throwing money in the fair use fight; Instagram’s major API overhaul, Tumblr’s latest viral success, and Pinterest’s top pinned products of 2015. 

I Got You Babe

YouTube will be picking up the legal tabs of certain video creators in the name of protecting “fair use” – which allows creators to use existing content for value-add purposes like news, satire and parody (like Bad Lip Reading…here are some better examples).

DMCA takedown of all things cried “copyright infringement” meant that videos hit with the notice are removed immediately – regardless of legitimacy. With this move, if the content is a strong example of fair use, YouTube can opt to keep it live and cover the cost of any lawsuits that result. 

The big deal: this is the latest of YouTube’s efforts to be BFFs with content creators, “ensuring creativity and expression can be rewarded” when the battle for social video is an all-time high.  And for brands that have automated DMCA notices – just be prepared for a Google throwdown. 

All I Want For Chrismukkah

… Is multi-user logins on Insta. The holidays have come early for some of us: Instagram is finally testing a multi-account feature. Perhaps more shocking, it’s only being rolled out to Android users (which, btw – only applies to 1% of you). Those among the chosen ones can see a “Add Account” option below “Clear Search History,” and once logged in, have the freedom to jump back & forth between accounts.

This comes a week or so after Instagram announced a major API overhaul, shutting down its feed API and tightening up the deal for third party apps, including a mandatory app permissions review process that starts tomorrow (12/3). The new policy also shuts down any service offering auto-following, liking, or commenting. 

You’re Everywhere to Me

In Facebook’s ongoing pursuit to be all things internet (and ruin your life in the process, per the latest study), it introduced a holiday season ad-targeting segment targeting engaged shoppers now through New Year’s. Mixed reviews so far if it can make “Facebook & shop” the new “Netflix & chill.”

Facebook also expanded real-time matching capabilities for Custom Audiences three times over, to include name, DOB, gender and city, among others. 

Top Gun

Pinterest is the first to roll out its ‘Top Ten of 2015’ lists – here are the top pinned products of 2015.

Straight Fire

The latest Tumblr to go viral fuels all the nostalgic holiday feels: Last Message Received. Fun fact: started by the same 15-year-old behind Dear My Blank.

For all the fuss over hearts, branded hashtag emojis may be Twitter’s Next Big Thing. Per AdWeek, an emoji will automatically appear when certain hashtags are tweeted. Engagement is comparatively higher, with Coca-Cola and Star Wars early winners.