May 11, 2022: Did anyone have selfie drones on their 2022 bingo card? 

In this edition: 

  • Creator monetization developments point to growing live shopping popularity
  • Social audio & podcasting’s future is up in the air for some platforms
  • Virtual reality (VR) developments are in the works with Meta and Snapchat


Working Hard For The Money

The Story

Monetization opportunities for creators are growing. 

Super Thank You For The Support

Social platforms are sweetening the deal for creators with even more monetization opportunities outside of their respective creator funds. YouTube’s Super Thanks options allow audience members to donate to their favorite creators. Meta makes upgrades to Instagram Reels, adding new bonus program incentives. Twitch is also giving thought to new money-making methods with extra incentives for running ads. 

Buy Me Something!

Live shopping also presents more incentive opportunities for creators who partner with brands on hosting gigs or who are launching their own sponsored shopping streams. Pinterest’s new TV studio tools improve the process, and best practice tips for brands looking to cast hosts put creators in the driver’s seat. In addition, lifelong learners are rejoicing, as colleges launch TikTok education classes and creators share their expertise about which platforms’ creator funds are worth the effort.


Creators are chasing the opportunities in front of them to earn even more – and with creator funds seeing criticism, ad revenue, and live shopping gigs are garnering even more interest. Live shopping is growing each day, with new programming and incentives close behind. Don’t be surprised to see your favorite creator hosting a branded live stream soon!


Audio’s Social Calling

The Story

Social audio and podcasting platforms are experiencing wins and losses across the board.


Less than a year after its launch, Facebook is saying goodbye to its podcasting platform. This comes on the heels of reports that brands are putting a pause on social audio, while brands and individual creators are ramping up efforts.

Creators At The Helm

Influencer-led podcasts are seeing great success and continue to grow with increased backers and advertising opportunities. Plus, Ossa Collective, a new podcast marketplace, is connecting non-binary and women podcasters with brands. It’s currently in its crowdfunding stage, with the goal of helping underrepresented podcasters monetize their audio programming. 


Podcasting is still popular and effective, but it’s not for everyone! While some platforms, like Facebook, are closing down podcasting operations to focus on new endeavors, other networks are just dipping their toes in the social audio waters. Spotify, for example, is still going strong – and its foray into the metaverse with its Roblox partnership is helping them get there. We’re eager to see how podcasting and social audio adjust with technology in flux, plus what this shift will mean for platforms that have taken the plunge into podcasting. 


Metaverse Now!

The Story

Meta and Snapchat are advancing toward an interactive future. 

Leading A Metamorphosis

No, not the iconic Hilary Duff album. Meta’s promises to advance the metaverse are in full swing as it announces four new VR headset launches and the debut of its first VR retail store. Meta has been vocal about its plans to be the leader in metaverse initiatives and related tech, and it has stepped up to the plate.

I’ll Snap To That

Snapchat, not to be outdone, announced a new drone camera that integrates e-commerce with video. Plus, its new partnership with Cameo, its new programming initiatives, and its new Snap Promote advertising initiative take center stage at this year’s NewFronts conference – its first in-person event since 2019.


With mental health awareness month putting the spotlight on how social media impacts self-esteem, FOMO, and emotional wellness (especially for younger users), a technological boom is occurring in tandem. We’re eager to see how an increasingly blurred line between virtual reality and physical reality converges, and how our collective well-being responds.