Micro-Influencers on Pinterest

Discover & activate your most influential customers on Pinterest.

Mavrck Pinterest Beta Program

As a member of our Pinterest Beta Program, your brand can use Mavrck’s Influencer Activation Engine to:

  • Discover Micro-Influencers: Mavrck’s algorithm-driven engine lets brands discover users, followers and customers with relevant influence on Pinterest by demographics, reach, location, topics and recent life events, based on first-party opt in data. Customers are ranked by percentile influence on each network.
  • Activate Micro-Influencers: Brands can then activate their micro-influencers to…
    • Drive traffic to a specific dedicated board or brand pin
    • Amplify and drive engagements (re-pins, likes, shares) on brand pins
  • Repurpose Content: Brands can activate micro-influencers to submit content, which they full rights to re-purpose in new pins and social campaigns.
  • Analyze Results: Mavrck tracks campaign performance, including activations, engagements, clicks and conversions drive by micro-influencers’ social posts.