In 2021, the global outdoor clothing & sportswear market is estimated to generate $230.6 billion in retail sales.
While consumers across the spectrum are purchasing outdoor gear, certain demographics are more likely to purchase than others. Specifically, Millennials represent 38% of the U.S. outdoor consumer population and spend more time outside and more money on outdoor products than the average consumer – making them a valuable long-term target market for the industry.
In order for outdoor industry brands to appeal to Millennials, brands need to meet them where they already are – online. Not only do over 85% of Millennials own smartphones, but 83% connect with companies online and 64% believe social media is one of the most effective channels for reaching brands.
Leading outdoor brands on Instagram have turned to influencers to create content that reaches their target audience: Millennials. Of the leading outdoor brands on Instagram, we’ve analyzed which have the highest influencer-share of voice and have identified what you can learn from the strategies employed by industry leaders to reach Millennials on social media.

3 Outdoor Clothing Brands to Follow on Instagram

1) Marmot @marmot

Influencer Share of Voice: 26%

Influencer Marketing Best Practices:

  1. Marmot influencer-generated content primarily focuses on using images to promote its most popular rain jackets, unlike other industry brands that choose to focus on a variety of product offerings.
  2. Influencer-generated content copy includes personal testimonies from influencers in image captions, detailing product dependability and reliability in a variety of unpredictable weather patterns.
  3. Marmot’s ‘How To’ section of its website repurposes influencer- and user-generated content and provides consumers with additional tools & tips for outdoor activities.


2) The North Face @thenorthface

Influencer Share of Voice: 24%

Influencer Marketing Best Practices:

  1. The North Face’s “Move Mountains” global campaign looks to “change the face of exploration” through featuring brave and adventurous female athletes and explorers on social media.
  2. The North Face x Supreme brand collaboration and branded content campaign aims to target Millennials by creating trendy outdoor apparel collections.
  3. As a result of various influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram, the North Face’s number of Instagram followers increased by 37 percent in 2017 over 2016, aiding in both brand awareness and overall engagement.

3) Eddie Bauer @eddiebauer

Influencer Share of Voice: 17%

Influencer Marketing Best Practices:

  1.  In addition to selling a lifestyle, Eddie Bauer is marketed as a solution, manufacturing outwear as technology and putting product innovation first.
  2. Eddie Bauer regularly hands over its Instagram account to influencers, allowing influencers to post their own content that document their lives in ways that align with the outdoor retailer.
  3. Eddie Bauer sells and partners with a variety of brands, using coop dollars to fund marketing initiatives.

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