mavrck at boston newco festival

Mavrck is proud to present “How to Survive an Ad Apocalypse,” at this year’s Boston NewCo Festival on April 27th, 2016.

The NewCo Festival “connects innovative businesses with tens of thousands of engaged festival goers,” and helps to foster the ongoing spirit of collaboration and mutual learning within the Boston startup community.

“How to Survive an Ad Apocalypse” begins when a former deejay-turned top secret Raytheon product manager, child star-turned industrial engineer, former CEO of a student-led venture accelerator and a developer from India take a risk to make word-of-mouth marketing scalable once and for all and reduce brands’ dependence on ads that interrupt content consumers enjoy, it results in an award-winning, high-growth startup that’s transforming how brands build relationships with consumers across any digital experience. Could your brand survive in an ad-free world? With consumers’ ad-blocker adoption and ad fatigue increasing exponentially, that is the reality today’s marketers face.

During the session, we will discuss how consumer brands like Hershey’s, Gillette and Tom’s of Maine are harnessing the power of human-to-human marketing at scale by tapping into their most valuable asset: existing customers with influence. At Mavrck, we believe that by empowering a brand to leverage the social capital of their existing micro-influencers across digital touchpoints, they can rise above the noise to create marketing people actually trust.

Our morning session will begin at 10:30 AM; refreshments will be served. RSVP now!