Want To Grow Your Brand’s TikTok Presence From Scratch? Follow These Tips.

As you’re probably aware, TikTok is causing a huge buzz in the influencer and brand marketing industry. With a whole new set of rules and demographics, the platform can seem like a wild west for brands looking to get involved. If you are looking to get started on making your brand’s voice heard on TikTok, follow along for advice on how to get started on TikTok and grow your brand presence.

If you already have a TikTok account for your brand, here are a few valuable resources for your team that we’ve created:

Getting Started on TikTok

Creating a Page

  • You have two options when signing up for TikTok: free profile or pro account. Our recommendation would be to sign up for the pro account because you will be given access to analytics for the app, which will provide valuable measurement tools for your brand
  • By selecting the pro account you’ll be able to see insights into not only who’s watching, but who is sharing your videos. For TikTok you’ll want to capitalize on any data you can as the algorithm for successful content can be difficult to navigate for newcomers. Your main goal as a brand starting out is to land your content on the coveted “For You Page” or FYP which is a feed of recommended content.


Verify Your Page

  • Similar to other social networks, TikTok will provide a little blue check next to “verified accounts”. For brands, getting your page verified is a critical step to making your voice heard on Tiktok. For brands just starting out on the platform, this may be a bit difficult if you are lacking content, but if you are an established enterprise brand, the chances of you getting verified are higher, even without a ton of content. Click here to learn more about the verification process, but the main criteria points for verification are as follows:
    • Authenticity
    • Uniqueness
    • Active
    • Stick to the rules
    • Steady growth of followers
    • Growth in number and length of views 
    • Constant high-quality content
    • Media coverage
    • Holding a verified account on other social media platforms


Your Brand’s TikTok Voice

As you’re starting out creating your TikTok brand and content voice there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • TikTok is the go-to platform for Gen Z. Every generation has a different set of rules when it comes to advertising and Gen Z is no different. Make sure your content ideation is themed around topics that inspire, excite or incite conversation among Gen Z. By aligning your content to Gen Z from the very beginning you’ll have a stronger chance of engaging with them.
  • TikTok ads are different. Traditional advertising does not perform well on the platform and stands out like a sore thumb amongst other content. Reflect on what is interesting or unique about your brand and look for ways you can infuse brand content into trends or themes that already exist within the platform. Try to create content that invites more consumer content creation with challenges, hashtags, or sounds to connect with your audience.
  • Have fun! One of the biggest mistakes we see brands make on TikTok is taking themselves or their content too seriously. TikTok users want to see creativity and shy away from overly produced ads and flashy visuals. There is an innate awareness from users on the app that brand accounts are run by people, and users want to see human authenticity in brand content. Whether you agree with their controversial ad methods or not, one brand making a huge splash on TikTok is Duolingo, which has taken a carefree, fun, (sometimes ‘un-hinged’), but ultimately innovative approach to the platform. Check out these brand’s campaigns if you’re looking for inspiration! 


Watch3 TikTok Dos and Don'ts Video

Watch the video: 3 TikTok Dos and Don’ts

Strategies for Partnering with TikTok Creators

  • Look for long-term partnerships. With the unpredictable nature of the FYP, there is a decent chance some of your partnered content may not perform well. To ensure you get the most out of your partnership, long-term partnerships with multiple pieces of content are the right move. 
  • Find creators that align with your brand voice, tone, and values. There is almost a witch-hunt for inauthentic content on TikTok. If your branded content doesn’t align with a creator’s typical content, their followers will be vocal in their disapproval. Finding an aligned creator means that their follower base is most likely aligned as well, and by doing so you’ll have a better chance of connecting with your target audience.
  • Allow creative freedom. These creators have spent time navigating the algorithm to build their following, so while you may have specific ideas on your creative brief, be sure to allow for creative input from the influencer. Building off the ideas above, the creator knows what content performs well on their page, so listening to their advice will make it far more likely your branded content will yield high performance.


For more tips check out our video:  3 TikTok Dos and Don’ts for Brand Marketers.


Organic versus Paid Content 

  • Strategies for Organic Content
    • Be cautious hopping on trends. While involving your page in trends can be a good way to engage with your audience, you are walking on a fine line with your timing. Trend jumping too early might leave views on the table because your audience isn’t aware of the trend or challenge. Being too late is the larger risk. Capitalizing on trends too late may cause damage to your brand image and come off as an inauthentic money grab. Wait for the right timing to join in on the fun and be sure to add your own creative spin to not appear inauthentic.
    • Get experimental. Don’t repurpose content from other social platforms, as strategies that apply to successful content elsewhere will make your content seem out of place. Take the time to find what content engages your audience and don’t be afraid to take risks and collect feedback from users on what they like.


  • Strategies for Paid Content
    • Hashtag challenges are ads offered by TikTok and a powerful way to connect with your audience. By creating a hashtag challenge or an original sound, you are able to increase brand awareness at an exponential rate. Brand awareness will come from the content you create and will multiply from the wide range of content that will be created by users with your hashtag. Widespread hashtag engagement will make it more likely your content ends up on the FYP and your hashtag can become a tool for others to gain virality and visibility.
    • Leverage sponsored content with influencers for your own brand page. As TikTok creators have established followings, branded content through influencer partnerships will provide a pre-existing audience, creative input, and engagement from consumers who are passionate about that creator. Influencer content will feel more authentic and natural in the consumer’s unique FYP, yielding positive sentiment for your brand image. 


Key Takeaways

  • Find your brand’s voice on TikTok and give it time to grow and change
  • TikTok content has its own set of rules for ads
  • Work with the TikTok algorithm for the best chance at high performance
  • Have fun! TikTok is made to be fun, by creating engaging and relevant content you will be able to connect with new and existing audiences