We’re excited to announce new influencer collaboration capabilities for marketers and creators on Pinterest as a result of the launch of Pinterest’s new influencer marketing program and API under the Pinterest Marketing Partner’s Content Marketing specialty. As an official Pinterest Marketing Partner, Mavrck is now able to better understand and measure how people interact with creator-generated content on Pinterest. With more than 250 million people around the world using Pinterest to determine what to do or buy next, Pinterest is the visual discovery engine that every brand should be using in its influencer marketing efforts. The new API will make it easier for brands to collaborate with influencers and share performance metrics on the platform. This marks the first time that Pinterest is expanding its content marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms.

“We’re always looking for ways to help businesses extend their reach on Pinterest,” said David Temple, Head of Content and Creator Products, Pinterest. “We’re excited to make it easier for brands to discover and collaborate with influencers, as well as track their performance on third-party platforms. Creators are essential to Pinterest and we’re thrilled to provide additional tools and resources for them to leverage as they build relationships with businesses.”

People turn to Pinterest actively looking for ideas to try and buy. Ninety percent of Pinners say that Pinterest has helped them to make purchase decisions, and the best ideas come from innovative brands. With millions of people on Pinterest, there is a unique and timely opportunity for brands to reach consumers as they’re most open and receptive to new ideas. Ninety-seven of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, providing an opportunity for brands to win consumers at a crucial stage of the consumer journey. Our mission is to help its customers win consumers by identifying the right influencers to best represent their brands to the millions of people on Pinterest with meaningful content.

“Pinterest’s new API enables us to look more deeply and accurately into Pinners’ behaviors, as well as the responses from people who interact with the content that those Pinners create,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO of Mavrck. “Additionally, real-time analytics about Pin engagements–including views, close-ups, and click-throughs–will help us to better understand Pinners’ abilities to drive customer behaviors for brands. We’ll also be able to view, via the Mavrck influencer marketing platform, how interactions with a piece of creator-generated content have affected downstream behaviors such as views, likes, and eventually purchases. This will prove to be invaluable to brands looking to select and activate content creators on Pinterest.”

About Mavrck’s Expanded Influencer Marketing Capabilities on Pinterest

Pinterest’s expanded API affords Mavrck the ability to look more deeply and accurately into both the Pinner’s behavior and the engagements they receive from people who interact with the content they create.

Initially, marketers will have immediate access to creators’ most recent posts, including newly available performance metrics. Additionally, real time analytics about Pin interactions, including views, close-ups and click-throughs, help us better understand performance and the ability of a Pinner to drive a desired customer behavior for a brand. 

Marketers are also able to view, via the Mavrck influencer marketing platform, how interactions with a piece of creator-generated content has affected downstream behaviors such as views, likes, and, eventually, purchases over time. 


“Building content for our consumers and adding value to their everyday lives is a top priority at GODIVA,” said Angela Fotopoulous, Marketing Director of Digital Activation at GODIVA. Pinterest provides us with a platform to interact with our consumers, inspire and delight them, especially during peak gifting seasons.” 

This is one of many innovative efforts we’ve made this year as we continue our efforts to offer best-in-class software for the influencer marketing space. In July, we launched new fraud detection tools to help combat influencer fraud. The tools were designed to assess and indicate follower and engagement fraud to empower marketers to make informed decisions about influencers based on their risk tolerances. Mavrck was also recently named Best Influencer Marketing Platform by Digiday and a 2018 Shorty Award Winner for ‘Best In Beauty’.

For more information on Mavrck’s influencer marketing capabilities on Pinterest, request a demo here to speak with a consultant.