3 Steps To High-Quality Influencer Generated Content

Influencer-generated content (IGC) is precisely what it sounds like: pieces of digital content that are created by an influencer for a brand, oftentimes as part of a sponsorship agreement. IGC is the foundation of most influencer marketing campaigns. 

Visual elements like images and videos have a huge impact on brand recognition, and reputation, and serve as a form of social proof when coming from a creator that consumers trust.

(By the way – social proof is the idea that consumers trust other people more than brands. Learn more about that here.)

Therefore, content creators and brands alike know how important it is to showcase high-quality content to support all the goals leading to a successful influencer marketing campaign.


How Men’s Wearhouse Used Influencer-Generated Content

Men’s Wearhouse, part of Tailored Brands, had an objective for the 2022 prom season: showcase their prom fashions and how easy it is to rent their wares. As one of its most important selling seasons, the brand knew it would need a strategy that drove strong results. 

That’s where IGC came in. 

In the spirit of high school prom season, Men’s Wearhouse activated content creators in high school, excited about the big dance. Together, Men’s Wearhouse and Mavrck ran an influencer marketing campaign that drove brand awareness, had visual value, and was highly engaging among both brand and creator audiences. 


3 Keys To Great Content for Men’s Wearhouse

In the end, 40 pieces of unique, high-quality IGC drove 87.5K total impressions and 6.5K total engagements, resulting in an average engagement rate of 7.3%. Overall, this content reached 1.46 million people across Instagram and Facebook. 

Great content is a must-have for a successful influencer campaign, but getting to that point takes time and consideration of several important elements. Today, we’re going to focus on the three keys to success for the Men’s Wearhouse team.


Creator Sourcing

Sourcing the right creators is a must-have. 

Mavrck and Men’s Wearhouse identified a strong cohort of creators that had a history of producing quality content that would align with the brand’s campaign goals.

They also prioritized creators that would not only post beautiful content but who had a strong engagement among their peers. Having a mix of both elements was crucial to generating the excitement and buzz that Men’s Wearhouse wanted. 


Timelines & Check-Ins

Timeline expectations must be formulated thoughtfully with actionable, realistic steps. 

Men’s Wearhouse knew that pursuing creators that were in high school would mean working against the typical demands of a student’s time. This campaign needed to fit into a busy life full of homework, exams, sports, activities, friends, family, and so much more.

In addition, clothing and apparel brands know that time is especially important for tailored clothing. Ensuring that there was enough time for prom-goers to seek out and receive their outfits meant that content production wouldn’t be impacted.

To aid with this, frequent communication and check-ins were a must. Men’s Wearhouse and Mavrck saw success by implementing an over-communicative process that helped keep their creator partners on task and informed, with extra time allotted for production and edits. 


The Creative Brief

Creative expectations should guide but not restrict.

Men’s Wearhouse had broad campaign themes that requested content highlighting the creators’ chosen outfit and their experiences at prom. The campaign brief left plenty of opportunity for creative freedom while also having parameters that served as a starting point rather than a hard limit. 

This was important because it enabled creators to produce content that was more personal to them. This authenticity helped drive social proof, as sponsored content feels more genuine when the audience can tell that the creator truly connects with it. 


There’s More To The Story

Every influencer marketing campaign is unique, as are the challenges that accompany it. 

For Men’s Wearhouse, sourcing, communication, and creative guidance resulted in a campaign that is fueling their influencer marketing strategy. While the nuances will differ between brands, taking time to consider these three elements and how they support your brand’s objectives is an excellent starting point. 

This summary is just part of the whole story. Download the full case study to learn more about how Men’s Wearhouse activated high school content creators across Instagram. 


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