Begin with an outcome-first approach to measurement.

Creating content is the first step, but putting that content into action (website, social media, email, etc.) is next. Mavrck can help you do all of that while measuring its impact to prove real business value.


How to Measure ROI on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can save your team time & drive brand recognition, but measuring ROI can be difficult. While everyone wants to maximize return while the reduce the financial investment, you aren't able to get there without understanding where the return is coming from.

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How GoPro Activates Ambassadors to Inspire Millennial Adventurers

GoPro had a thriving and engaged ambassador program, known as their GoPro Family — passionate adventurers who are regularly activated to create content on an ongoing basis for the brand and its partners, such as tourism boards like Australia Tourism. By prioritizing long-term partnerships (vs. one-off campaigns), GoPro was on its way to building long-term consumer trust.

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How Express Scaled Its Ambassador Program by 3.3X to create 421X More Content Year Over Year

While Express already had multiple influencer programs producing consistent ROI in 2019, the programs were fragmented across multiple business segments (i.e., men’s, women’s and college) and needed to scale. With this in mind, Express’ objectives for 2020 were designed to address the business challenges it experienced with its slew of influencer programs: streamlined scale and efficiency.

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