‘Tis the season to focus on driving sales via influencer marketing efforts. The ongoing pandemic has certainly prompted a change, with online shopping rising beyond its formidable status as the stronghold in commerce. Online shopping has also changed, shifting from brand websites to in-app shopping experiences on social media platforms. Facebook — now Meta — recently rolled out its most robust live shopping content features yet to accommodate this shift to a remote experience.

User-generated content has been the main driver for these platforms, with UGC reportedly 58% higher in volume than it was last year.

Brand partnerships and cross-brand collaborations are the top money-maker for creators with nearly 70% of creators pointing to collabs as their primary revenue stream. Not only has influencer marketing become a $13.8 billion industry in 2021, but 73% of businesses are selling products in some capacity on their social media platforms. 

But for brands to prove the ROI of influencer marketing efforts, they’ll need to define how to measure sales metrics. Luckily, Mavrck’s platform can help you set your team and your brand up for success.


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Link tracking and affiliate integration

UTM links are important for tracking clicks and conversions. Mavrck is fully integrated with Pixel, which allows brands to measure whether the traffic on creator content is a click or a conversion. Affiliate content is also a great way to get attention on trackable affiliate links. 

Mavrck’s Reporting Application Programming Interface (API)

 Mavrck’s reporting API enables brand marketers to integrate influencer marketing data with other platforms and dashboards.  In addition, marketers can choose the data and metrics from any relevant time period they would like. Once the start and end dates have been set, the API will return totaled raw data. 

Our Workflow Webhook Tool

Our workflow webhook tool, which is a type of API that’s sometimes called a reverse API is an enhancement we’re offering Mavrck customers. It communicates with other platforms and tells them when an influencer’s workflow status has changed, then it will trigger other actions based on an agreed-upon workflow. 


Rosefield-watches-productsStop and smell the Rosefield

There’s nothing like a success story to show you how it’s done. In addition to scale, Rosefield wanted to prioritize and emphasize its consumers’ organic and authentic brand passion. Leveraging the Mavrck platform, Rosefield developed an ambassador community of consumers who love the Rosefield brand. 

With Mavrck’s partnership, Rosefield’s ambassador program resulted in a 167% return on influencer spending, a 400% increase in sales directly attributed to influencer marketing, double their usual conversion rates from influencer referral traffic, a 700% increase in monthly impressions, and an ambassador community over 70,000 creators strong.


Key points

  • With sales becoming an increasingly popular KPI for influencer marketing campaigns, make sure you’re set up for success with an influencer marketing platform that helps you deliver the results — and helps you report on them, too.
  • Mavrck provides built-in features that help you track links, integrate affiliate programs, create ambassador programs, and report metrics via an advanced API
  • Read our full guide for additional information around Mavrck’s capabilities and tools that enable marketers to measure sales, plus another case study success story!