We have just released an exciting new platform feature that allows marketers to leverage the high-quality and engaging content their influencers create as branded content ads on Instagram. 

Most influencer marketing professionals are aware of Branded Content Ads. With creator permission, brands can use Ads Manager to promote influencer posts as an Instagram feed ad or Stories ad. 

Mavrck’s new feature allows marketers to easily identify their influencers’ content that is “Branded Content Ad Eligible” within the Mavrck platform which helps to facilitate those partnerships and permissions from influencers.  The feature also gives influencers clear instructions on how to opt-in and gives marketers permission to promote their content — all at the start of a campaign, as part of the campaign application. 

This release continues to expand upon Mavrck’s commitment to influencer marketing at scale for enterprise brands, and will cut time, effort and complexity out of boosting influencer content.  

Read below to find out more about how this feature works. 


With this update, you can now enable Instagram Branded Content partnerships as part of a campaign, prompting influencers to tag your brand in content that can be leveraged directly from your Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Add your brand’s Instagram handle to the Branding section of the Configuration tab (one time setup).
  2. Enable Branded Content Ads in the Setup tab of the campaign.
  3. Influencers may opt-in while applying to the campaign to allow you to promote their content and are instructed on how to tag your brand as a partner on Instagram.
  4. Content that is eligible for use in Branded Content Ads is highlighted in the platform.
  5. To create Branded Content Ads, view the eligible content in the platform, and copy the Post ID to find and leverage the content directly in your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Feature Summary

Before launching your first Branded Content campaign, make sure you’ve added your brand’s Instagram handle into the Branding section of your instance’s Configuration tab.

In the Campaign Setup tab, there will be an option to enable Branded Content Ads permissions as part of the influencer application.

When influencers apply, they will be prompted to provide permissions, and instructed on how to tag a brand for a Branded Content post.

Once influencers have provided permissions and created content, eligible posts will appear in the platform with a new Branded Content Ad Eligible badge.

Click to see post metrics and details, including the Post ID, which can be used to access and promote the content in Ads Manager.


Branded Content Approvals

You can choose to approve which accounts are able to tag your brand as a Business Partner or turn off approvals and allow all accounts to tag your brand in your Instagram Business settings, as outlined here.