Mavrck is happy to announce the release of its latest eBook in the “Ultimate Influencer Marketing Playbook” series: “The Top Social Networks for Influencer Marketing.” This eBook breaks down best practices for creating an influencer campaign on each of the top eight social channels, giving each channel a cumulative ranking out of 36 points, as well as providing the ideal influencer type and objective for each channel.

Any brand-savvy marketer knows that a marketing strategy, especially an influencer marketing strategy, will live or die by its success across social media networks. Social media channels such as Facebook and Reddit have evolved into miniature hubs of traffic, with page-views and user engagements numbering into the billions. With levels of interaction that rival the activity one might see in a real-life city, the ability for a marketer to navigate and take advantage of the traffic on these channels could lead to huge dividends for his or her brand.

social channels for influencer marketing

In terms of page-views, monthly users, and average time spent on the channel, the top eight social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube.  Influencers are already visibly taking over space on each of the channels, from YouTube bloggers like Michelle Phan to micro-influencers working for brands on Instagram.

But all influencer strategies don’t work interchangeably between the social channels- some channels are optimized for specific objectives more than others. For example, an influencer marketing campaign with a goal of collecting user-generated content would fare better using Instagram as the primary social channel rather than Pinterest.

There is a growing need for better distinction and categorization across the social channels, especially in regards to what each channel can do to boost a given marketing strategy. To fit this need, Mavrck is proud to announce our latest eBook, “The Influencer Marketing Playbook: Creating a Content Strategy for the Top 8 Social Media Channels.” Details include several key takeaways:

  • Detailed Score Sheets of Each Social Channel, Ranked Out of 36 Points
  • The 10 Most Common KPIs for Influencer Marketing on Social Media
  • 4 Critical Factors to Consider When Creating an Influencer Strategy
  • The Current Power and Status of Each Social Channel in 2016


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