Streamline, Integrate, Automate, and Scale

Mavrck is pleased to announce two new API integrations to our leading all-in-one platform that will bring even more value to enterprise organizations: the Reporting API and the Workflow Webhook. 

These new features to the Mavrck platform streamline and automate the once-manual processes and systems enabling teams to focus on what matters most. Our new API integrations allow technologies to talk to each other, so you can foster collaboration and achieve true automated and integrated marketing. 

1. Reporting API: The Reporting API allows you to pipe your reporting data into your company’s business intelligence & analytics platform to show true ROI and consumer lifecycle value amongst other marketing programs. It can also allow you to create customizable data visualizations by integrating reporting data and campaign metrics from your influencer programs into your company’s data visualization or analytics platforms.

2. Workflow Webhook: The Workflow Webhook allows marketers to integrate their other martech platforms — such as a loyalty rewards technology or a fulfillment platform — by “telling” other software or technology when an influencer’s workflow status has changed. For example, the workflow webhook can tell a brand’s loyalty reward platform when a creator has posted content, and that can trigger a reward being sent to the creator from the loyalty technology — completely automatically.

Reporting API Capabilities

Send your influencer program reporting data and campaign metrics to your data visualization and business intelligence tools. 

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and can be thought of as a portal through which information and functionality can be shared between two software services. The word “interface” is key to understanding an API’s purpose. An API lets a developer make a specific “call” or “request” in order to send or receive information. An API helps developers quickly deliver information to consumers and is used every day in today’s world.

Functionality of Mavrck’s Reporting API 

Our Reporting API is a valuable tool for you and your teams to integrate influencer campaign reporting data with your other marketing technology, business intelligence, analytics and/or data visualization tools. These platforms include such tools as (but not limited to) Tableau, Microsoft BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud. 

Simply put, with our Reporting API you get the data you want — such as impressions, total content, engagements by content type and social network — where and when you want it.

Use Cases 

Use the Reporting API to send reporting data to any platform where you may aggregate and analyze raw data from many different sources, such as: 

• Business Intelligence platforms or dashboards

• Data visualization and other analytics platforms 

• Marketing Mix Models

How to Get Started

Book a demo to discuss pricing, specifics, and technical documentation.

Workflow Webhook Capabilities

Automate and connect the key tools in your marketing technology stack so you can integrate your influencer marketing programs with other teams and programs. 

What is a Webhook?

Webhooks can be thought of as building blocks to marketing automation and scale. A webook is a type of API that is driven by events rather than requests. Instead of one application making a request to another to receive a response, a webhook allows one program to send data to another when a particular “event” takes place. Webhooks are sometimes referred to as “reverse APIs,” because communication is initiated by the application sending the data rather than the one receiving it.

Functionality of Mavrck’s Workflow Webhook

Mavrck’s Workflow Webhook enables users to “tell” another platform when an influencer’s workflow status has changed. Brands can use this to programmatically trigger actions in other platforms, such as loyalty platforms, fulfilment platforms, CRMs or other software, based on workflow stage advancement.

Use Cases

Use the workflow status change webhook to  ‘talk to’ any platform or application where an influencer’s workflow status change is relevant. For example: 

• Loyalty & rewards: Consumer brands often use third-party platforms to manage their loyalty programs and dispense rewards to participants. This webhook can make loyalty platforms aware of influencers’ progress in each stage of the workflow which allows a brand’s reward process to become automated, saving the team time and potentially mistakes being made from doing it manually.

• Product shipment & fulfillment: Brands can trigger shipment of product once they see that an influencer has moved into the appropriate stage. A brand that is distributing the same product to every influencer in a given campaign can automate that shipment. If the brand’s fulfillment system is also capable of sending out tracking details, that action could be triggered as well. 

How to Get Started

Book a demo to discuss pricing and other specifics, such as developer documentation and technical implementation.