We’re excited to announce the beta program for Mavrck’s Pinterest influencer activation engine, empowering brands to discover and activate their most influential customers on Pinterest to amplify and drive engagement on a branded pin.

Today, Pinterest has more than 100 million monthly active users and over 176 million registered users, with 2M users pinning product pins every day. According to eMarketer, Pinterest is second only to Facebook as the highest driver of referral traffic and indication of intent to buy. Shopify’s analysis found that 93 percent of Pinterest users use the platform to plan purchases, and the average order value of sales coming from Pinterest ($50) is higher than on any other platform.

“With micro-influencers, we’re defining what it means to be influential on social media today,” said Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Mavrck. “By providing marketers with a unified social view of their customers’ influence across Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, our platform enables marketers to programmatically target campaigns based on that influence and tie their social engagement on each network directly to an ROI value.”

Mavrck’s influencer activation engine allows premier consumer brands to:

  • Discover Micro-Influencers– Mavrck’s algorithm-driven engine lets brands discover users, followers and customers with relevant influence on Pinterest by demographics, reach, location, topics and recent life events, based on first-party opt in data. Customers are ranked by percentile influence on each network.
  • Activate Micro-Influencers – Brands can then activate their micro-influencers to:
    • Drive traffic to a specific brand board or pin
    • Amplify and drive engagements (re-pins, likes, shares) on brand pins
  • Repurpose Content – Brands can activate micro-influencers to submit content, which they full rights to re-purpose in new pins and social campaigns.
  • Analyze Results – Mavrck tracks campaign performance, including activations, engagements, clicks and conversions drive by micro-influencers’ social posts.

Mavrck’s micro-influencer marketing platform includes a real-time dashboard that captures and provides brands with actionable insights, surveys, feedback and first-party data from customers. With the addition of Pinterest, Mavrck’s influencer activation engine helps brands implement an automated micro-influence marketing strategy across all four major social networks.

To apply to Mavrck’s private Pinterest beta program, visit: