Technology integration between Mavrck and Bazaarvoice offers brands enhanced capabilities for generating shopper reviews and syndicating consumer-generated content across leading e-commerce sites.

Consumers today rely on content generated from other users more than any other resource available. Consumer-generated content has become an integral part of today’s customer decision journey, with 71% of consumers relying on ratings & reviews when making purchase decisions.

As brand marketers continue to seek out new ways to leverage the power of consumer-generated content online and in-store, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Bazaarvoice, who is creating the world’s smartest network that connects more than one-half billion consumers monthly to thousands of retailers and brands. Under the Baazarvoice Content Acquisition Partner program, brands will be able to leverage Mavrck’s technology to generate additional shopper reviews and consumer content across major social networks, and distribute this content through the Bazaarvoice syndication engine.

“Many of today’s biggest brands already use the Bazaarvoice Curations and Conversations solutions for collecting customer conversations about what they’re buying, and promoting the positive shopper feedback to increase sales and build brand trust,” said Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Mavrck. “Mavrck will enhance Bazaarvoice’s already robust platform capabilities, enabling these brands to generate thousands of authentic reviews and social content from the networks of their most influential shoppers.”

The Bazaarvoice Network of consumer-generated content is syndicated on the websites of the world’s largest retailers, such as Best Buy, Lowe’s, Office Depot, and Kohl’s. The Mavrck Bazaarvoice partnership involves an API technology integration that allows content generated through Mavrck’s influencer marketing platform to flow directly into companies’ Bazaarvoice accounts. Brands will be able to control which Mavrck shopper reviews and social content are shared through the Bazaarvoice Network, and syndicate the selected content seamlessly.

“Quality consumer content fuels the Bazaarvoice Network,” said Aaron Bollinger, Vice President of Partnerships and Global Sales Management at Bazaarvoice. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Mavrck to expand our clients’ toolkit for collecting more content to power their CGC programs.”

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