March: The madness is upon us.

Whether you’re a diehard college basketball fan or someone who really can’t tell the difference between the Big East and the Big 10, it’s tough to deny the excitement of it all, especially with the tournament dwindling down to its Elite Eight tonight.

And while hoops fans will be on the edge of their seats again to see if NC State can pull off a win against Louisville, the marketers for Netflix may want to keep an eye on sports league giant, the NBA,

In terms of social engagement, these two are going head-to-head. Well, sort of.

If you’ve been a little MIA on all of the Mavrck Madness, we’re concurrently hosting our 2nd Annual March Madness featuring brands. So far, we’ve witnessed 64 brands stun their competition, emerge victors, or seen fan favorites completely demolished. Here’s a quick summary of the Elite Eight matchups set to battle it out this weekend!

Things don’t look so good for US Airways in this matchup as they exit the Travel category and take on the boys from Auto. In their last match against Norwegian, US Airways still had a considerable advantage of over half a million fans than the cruise-lines company. However, we may be waiting on an upset thanks to US Airways’ merger with American Airlines less than two years ago. If they can engage the combined fanbase, there is still hope.

Harley Davidson, obviously the fan favorite here, was supposed to have lost two matches ago to Nissan who had double the fans and number of people talking about it. But in one unexpected sweep, Harley Davidson’s total likes left Nissan eating dust.

Chobani trails Dollar Shave Club significantly in this one, but experts are expecting an upset. For the entire tournament, the much younger brand packed a mean Greek punch to take out seasoned Dannon and head into the big leagues against the Dairy Queen herself. No one expected them to get this far, so don’t be surprised if they beat Dollar Shave Club, even if it’s by the hairs of their chinny chin chin.

Dollar Shave Club is a strong contender, though we have a feeling they’ve already won a personal victory after the initial matchup against ultimate enemy, Harry’s. Regardless, the team looks razor sharp and ready to edge into the semi-finals.

Netflix has been an absolute superstar since its debut against Hulu. It was a tough match against HBO but they outshone the competition, and dazzled the crowd in a quick following victory against Cedar Point. No doubt, Netflix is the favorite to watch in the tournament.

The NBA has fans cheering louder than a…well, basketball game. Their giant following has stayed alert and focused in every single game to completely demolish competition. The NBA is out to win, and may be one of the strongest contenders this tournament.


Newcomer, Burberry, doesn’t know what it’s up against. As the story goes, CoverGirl is back this year with a bone to pick. The beauty company lost in the finals last year to Oreo, but with Oreo out of the picture, CoverGirl has been fighting tooth and perfectly-polished nail to win what was rightfully theirs.

Burberry is the powerhouse no one expected. They came out of the trenches and checked each competitor quickly. They’re favored in this matchup, but our hearts are with CoverGirl on this one.

That’s what you’ve missed! Click here to view the full bracket and see past results.

Following the conclusion of March Madness with the championship game on April 6, we’ll reveal which brand comes out on top in terms of engagement.

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