NBA 121K, Harley-Davidson 40.3K

At the beginning of this week, many of us said a final farewell to our unsuccessful brackets as college basketball closed another memorable tournament best recognized as March Madness. And while fans witnessed Duke defeating Wisconsin 68-63, a battle continued in the final March Madness of Brands.


The NBA took down Harley-Davidson to win the championship title. The basketball association predictably swept the competition despite a minor handicap in comments, where the NBA trailed almost 200 comments.

At the beginning of March Madness, we created our own bracket of 64 brands–just like in college basketball. We then used Fan Grader to analyze each brand during their scheduled match to see the player with the highest Facebook engagement from their latest 100 posts.

Check out the winning brand here, as well as how each of original 64 brands scored throughout the tournament.

Stay tuned for next year!

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