Influencer Marketing Data Collection Guidelines: Your Info Is Private & Secure

Designed to scale and optimize your influencer marketing practice, the Mavrck platform enables technology to power brand and creator partnerships. Creator authentication is a crucial piece of the relationship, establishing a foundation for trust, accuracy, and simplicity in collaborations.

Mavrck builds authentication directly into our campaign workflows, helping creators and marketers build stronger relationships from the beginning; this authentication ensures both accuracy and the highest level of detail on creator profiles and content performance by sourcing first-party data directly from social networks.

Find and Partner with the Right Creators

Authentication provides valuable insights into a creator’s audience, including demographic data points about the makeup of their followers directly from social networks.

Use first-party audience data to discover influencers whose followers are a perfect match with your brand’s target audience and trust that they truly meet your criteria thanks to authentication. 

Authentication supports quality search results in Mavrck by providing things like up-to-date follower counts, average engagements, and preview posts. When you're ready to partner with creators, the Mavrck platform seamlessly integrates the authentication process in your campaign application.

Automatically track content and update metrics

With authentication, creators can trust that their content and metrics will be tracked in your campaign automatically, saving time in their busy schedules from manual uploads. You can trust that you have accurate metrics and immediate access to their photo and video files, ensuring quality across the board.

Not only is the collection of content easier, authentication also enables Mavrck to continue tracking and updating content over time, allowing you to report on the full impact of your campaign with the latest metrics. 

Mavrck can track the following network and content types automatically: Instagram Posts, Reels and Stories, TikTok Creator Marketplace Videos, and Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook posts.

Report on campaigns accurately and effortlessly 

Trust that the engagements and impressions you use to report on your performance are accurate, thanks to the verified data sourced directly from the social network, eliminating the potential for human errors or out-of-date data.

Secure connections that you—and your creators—can trust

Authentication can build and maintain trust with creators by providing them with the most secure connection possible. By requesting and receiving access to their first-party data, creators can be confident that you are not trying to solicit or scrape that data from less reputable sources. 

Independently Mavrck is also committed to the highest-quality data privacy practices across the board, in all areas of the product.