As the near-term effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic continue to be felt across the global economy, creators are doing their best to adapt. Recently, we surveyed more than 600 creators and influencers from the Mavrck Index to understand how, exactly, COVID-19 is impacting their content, engagement and potential campaigns and brand partnerships. 


Influencers Have Shifted Their Content During COVID-19

The large majority of influencers (72%) have addressed the pandemic within their content, but say they are still posting their typical content their followers want to see. Many of them cite their followers wanting a sense of normalcy, even on their social media feeds.

More than 15% of influencers have leaned into posting about the pandemic, shifting their content to primarily be about COVID-19 or its impact. Some have changed their content to be about what they can do from home, or a skill that they can teach others. 

As Jessica Wright of @BonTraveler stated, “I think amidst everything that is happening, people are looking for ways to connect now more than ever. Though my primary resource for others has been travel, it is now personal tips around working from home, virtual travel, and supporting the business. The focus may be different, but the underlying goal is the same.”


Engagement with Influencer Content has Stayed the Same or Increased

34% of influencers are seeing that their engagement is increasing. Many of them contribute this to people being at home and on social media more as a way to connect with others. 

Interestingly, more than 50% of the influencers who said they changed their content to primarily be related to the pandemic have seen an increase in engagement. Comparatively, of those who said that they have addressed it but still post typical content, only a third said their engagement has increased. 

As Kalyn Letizia of @styleherstrong stated, “My content has become more in the moment, uplifting and my followers are looking to me for positivity and advice.”


Engagement has Increased for Certain Categories & Personas

The following content categories were the most likely to see an increase in engagement:

  • Fashion/Accessories (41%) – Although the location of their posts has changed, many fashion influencers are still seeing high engagement from “At Home OOTD” type of content.
  • Fitness (40%) – Fitness influencers who are posting at-home workouts or live-streams of their workouts are seeing increased engagement.
  • Travel (36%) – Potentially curiosity, empathy or a sense of nostalgia has made about a third of travel influencers see an increase in engagement.
  • Parenting (34%) – Relatable content, advice and ideas of what to do with kids at home have led to an increase in engagement.

Fashion and Travel are tied for the top categories for “content creation is difficult in the current state,” meaning these influencers have had to adapt most in the type of content they post.


Most Influencers Want to Participate in #CreateForGood Campaigns

The majority of influencers want to help in the pandemic in ways that they can, and are looking to brands to facilitate these campaigns. 69% of influencers said they have not participated in a campaign to help with the COVID-19 impact but are interested in doing so. 


Influencers Are Most Interested in ‘Feel Good’ Campaigns Designed to Uplift

Most influencers want to participate in brand campaigns by providing what they think their audiences would need or want right now. 

  • 80% of respondents are “very interested” in participating in campaigns that share feel good content intended to uplift or entertain audiences
  • Less than half (41%) said they were “very interested” in raising money for a non-profit organization that is helping with the impact of COVID-19.
  • 62% would be “very interested” in showcasing their talents or content to teach or inspire others. 


Rates May Decrease for More Than a Third of Influencers

When asked if they’ve adjusted their rates because of the impact of COVID-19, about 40% of influencers said that they haven’t adjusted their rates and are not planning to. More than a third (37%) said they have decreased their rates already or may decrease them in the future. 

How Brands Are Aligning with Creators During COVID-19 to #CreateForGood

Creators and influencers have, and will continue to be the ones driving conversation – even during times of crisis. But creators and influencers don’t just want to be part of the conversation, they want to help — and they’re actively looking for brands to facilitate campaigns to do just that. 

Most influencers want to participate in brand campaigns by providing what they think their audiences would need or want right now. By leaning into #CreateForGood campaign themes and messaging, brands have the opportunity to collaborate with influencers to make a real impact – and here’s how.

  • Inform – Help creators share accurate information and resources from local and global health officials
  • Inspire – Use creators to inspire new recipes to try while consumers are unable to go out to eat for several weeks
  • Donate – Use creators to spread the word about a charitable effort your brand is interested in for COVID-19
  • Teach – Use creators to teach new fitness or beauty routines for consumers to try while they’re stuck at home
  • Craft – Have creators share “crafty” or “DIY” ideas to fight boredom or to keep kids entertained while they are home from schools
  • Uplift – Use creators to provide uplifting content or entertainment during this challenging time

For more on how your brand can lean into #CreateForGood messaging, schedule a free consultation with one of our expert strategists here.