Influencer Marketing
Made Easy

Search millions of influencers in the Mavrck Influencer Index

Always-on, automated application & influencer recruitment tools 

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Easily recruit thousands of influencers

20+ search filters and customizable data points to find the right influencers

Easy Influencer Discovery, At Scale

Save time and effort identifying the right influencers for your brand across social platforms

Search by social network: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter & Blogs

Find influencers by their audience demographics like age, gender & location

Recruit & leverage your existing customer base

Curate & approve influencers across teams with lists & collaboration tools

Find global influencers by country and region

Identify relevant creators by their audience using 20+ demographic and psychographic criteria

Find, activate, and communicate with TikTok Creator Marketplace-approved creators, all through the Mavrck platform

Easily see each influencers’ fraud & brand safety risk

Survey influencers for brand-specific insights & first-party data points

Instantly see past sponsored posts & brand collaborations

Filter by past performance, keywords & topics

Discover & contact millions of macro- and micro-influencers

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Create high-caliber influencer content at scale

Get valuable influencer insights

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Generate influencer and advocate ratings & reviews

Refer higher-converting traffic & new consumers

Activate Influencers Across the Customer Journey

Optimize your marketing funnel by engaging influencers to create content, rate & review your product, and provide brand insights

Get high-quality original content like photos, videos or blog posts

Activate influencers across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs

Refer new consumers via trackable referral links & promo codes

Engage existing customers to create content & reviews

Integrate influencers in your market research & product development process

Generate product ratings & reviews from influencers, consumers & loyal fans

Recruit influencers and advocates on your website with our Influence Plug-in

Integrate with existing loyalty & rewards programs


Manage thousands of influencer relationships with ease 

Customize your campaign workflow

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Review content drafts before posting

Automatically ensure FTC compliance

Automate Your Influencer Management

Save time & scale your influencer marketing programs with our customized campaign workflows

Send personalized notifications to thousands of influencers

Easily manage all influencer contracts

Automatically ensure FTC compliance

Track content performance across networks, including Instagram Stories

Review & send feedback on content drafts before they are posted

Send messages in more than 7 languages

Automatically track whether influencers have posted

Allow multiple team members to stay on top of campaign status


Choose the best form of incentive for your brand

Securely pay cash with PayPal

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laptop 2 incentivize influencers

Keep track of who’s been paid and when

E-gift cards from hundreds of global retailers & brands

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Hassle-free Incentives & Payment

Incentivize your influencers & advocates with cash, gift cards, promo codes, points or product

Easily pay influencers via PayPal within the platform in more than 25 currencies

Use promo codes & referral codes to track online and in-store conversions

Keep track of fulfillment & payment status easily and efficiently

Offer gift cards & prepaid cards with Tango Cards integration

Ship products, add & track order numbers & shipping lists

Ensure you never go over budget


Syndicate high-quality content across retailer sites

Drive higher conversion rates & sales

laptop 2 activate influencers

Drive star ratings & authentic product reviews

Deepen retailer relationships 

Syndicate Content to Drive Purchase Intent 

Repurpose high-quality influencer content across touchpoints to accelerate the path to purchase and drive more online sales

Syndicate influencer content to ecommerce platforms, retailer partner sites & brand sites

Drive conversions on product pages with influencer images & video

Launch new products with star ratings & reviews

Leverage Mavrck’s partnerships with the leading syndication & ecommerce providers

Give shoppers product inspiration with authentic  influencer content

Drive more sales on your retailer partner sites

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Save time with automatic campaign reporting & analytics

Pixel tracking & online conversion reporting

laptop 2 measure influencer performance

Focus on outcomes with brand lift & sales lift studies

Predictive Performance with CPE & CPM forecasting

Measure What Matters

Prove the ROI on your influencer marketing and get real-time metrics to optimize your campaigns

Measure your campaign effectiveness with access to TikTok performance metrics: Views, Comments, Likes, Shares, and Engagement Rate

Track links, clicks and online conversions, or set up a custom attribution model

Real-time and automatic campaign reporting & analytics

Easily share campaign tracking & reports with colleagues

Real-time and automatic campaign reporting & analytics

Instagram Graph API access for real impressions reporting, engagements & Instagram Stories tracking

Measure lifts in brand awareness, brand preference, and purchase intent

No more manual counting of influencer performance metrics

Sophisticated measurement available via leading measurement partners