While social media is critical for purchase inspiration, consumers increasingly trust and rely on reviews and recommendations when deciding what to buy. But, it’s not just star ratings – product photos, videos, and other forms of social proof paired with written reviews are driving purchase intent and enabling customers to evaluate personalized experiences about a product, its features, and expected performance.

Yet, with only a small percentage of marketers including ratings and reviews as a part of their overall influencer marketing strategy, there’s a massive opportunity for incremental value and success.

  • 90% of consumers have been influenced by an online review by the time they reach the point of purchase.
  • 43% of consumers noted that an influencer’s rating or review is more credible than a non-influencer generated review.
  • 85% of influencers would share a rating and/or review after creating content.
  • 70% of influencers would not charge more for a rating or review after creating content.


By prompting influencers, who have just shared their product experiences on their own channels, to submit a product review as well, marketers can improve efficiencies and better integrate social proof at every touchpoint of their consumer experience. Mavrck customers have seen, on average, a 4.7 – 4.8 star rating and a 34% projected sales lift per product by incorporating ratings and reviews as part of their influencer marketing strategies.

The quality and quantity of your product reviews have equal power to increase sales. From trend-setting sneakers to toilet paper, our platform and best practices have been tested and proven by leading brands and the consumers who power them.

The Solution: Generate Ratings & Reviews with Mavrck

At Mavrck, we are always looking for ways to provide marketers with time savings and ways to gain efficiencies, scale, authenticity, and measurability. Both influencer marketing, as well as high-quality ratings &  reviews generation, require sending products to credible people — naturally, bringing the processes together is a no brainer.

Mavrck’s ratings & reviews partnerships with industry leaders PowerReviews, BazaarVoice and Yotpo  empower marketers to easily add ratings & reviews requests within the campaign activities brief. By prompting influencers through the Mavrck platform to submit a star rating or a product review after creating content about the product, marketers are creating social proof at every touchpoint of the consumer experience much more efficiently.

With the Mavrck platform’s expanded integration with Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews and Yotpo, marketers can collaborate with influencers to generate and collect content and product reviews as part of the same campaign. This includes the ability to syndicate ratings & reviews content to a brand’s website as well as any retailer using PowerReviews, Bazaarvoice or Yotpo for ratings & reviews syndication.

To monitor progress towards ratings & review goals, Mavrck also enables marketers to track performance with search filters and reporting modules. Marketers can also filter reviews by product, star rating and character count.

Lastly, marketers can measure ratings & reviews progress using Mavrck’s goals, forecasting and performance modules to easily track the progress alongside other influencer marketing KPIs.

To learn more about Mavrck’s ratings & reviews capabilities, you can book a demo here.