Acquisition expands the depth and breadth of Mavrck’s Influencer Search and blogger data set to help marketers connect with influencers at industry-leading scale

It has been a strategic, company-wide objective this year at Mavrck to make significant enhancements to our influencer search capabilities. Today, we’re one step closer to making this a reality for all of our customers and partners worldwide. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Mavrck has acquired GroupHigh, the pioneering influencer search and blogger intelligence SaaS platform.

“We are excited to unite GroupHigh’s industry-leading blogger search capabilities with Mavrck’s award-winning platform,” said Lyle Stevens, Mavrck co-founder and CEO. “The combination of our data, technology and domain experience provides marketers with an unrivaled solution to recruit, activate, and measure influencers who transform customer experiences through authentic social proof. Fueled by our shared vision and culture, we anticipate accelerating to new frontiers together.”

“We’re proud of our accomplishments and contributions to the influencer marketing industry that we’ve led with GroupHigh from the ground up,” said Bill Brennan, GroupHigh co-founder and COO. “Now, with Mavrck’s data discipline, exemplary company culture, and shared long-term vision fully supporting us, we’re looking forward to the next stage of GroupHigh’s evolution.”

The acquisition is the most recent of Mavrck’s efforts to develop and deliver a best-in-class influencer search offering. With this acquisition, Mavrck increases the size of its influencer search index 10x, with plans to expand its influencer network moving forward and offer an influencer solution tailored for SMBs. The expansion complements Mavrck’s recent platform updates supporting influencer personalization, which enables marketers to customize their own influencer networks and search based on the influencer data and attributes that matter most to the brand.

Advancements to Mavrck’s influencer marketing capabilities include:

  • 10X increase in the number of influencer profiles in Mavrck’s Influencer Index
  • Enriched influencer audience data
  • Enhanced blogger and YouTube search capabilities
  • Brand-Owned Influencer Properties for Custom Search and Segmentation
  • SMB Influencer Marketing solution to complement Mavrck’s Enterprise Platform

The leader in blog intelligence, GroupHigh brings its brand recognition and expertise of nearly a decade of industry experience serving the influencer marketing efforts of an impressive breadth of brand and agency clients that span SMB to enterprise categories across verticals.

“GroupHigh has built relationships with an impressive cohort of 9M+ bloggers, which is differentiated and complementary to our Influencer Index of social creators and micro-influencers,” said Sean Naegeli, Mavrck co-founder and Chief Influencer Officer. “Together we offer the most comprehensive access available on either side of the influencer equation for brands and agencies to build their own, proprietary influencer networks.”

GroupHigh will retain its name and continue to operate as its own entity, becoming GroupHigh, a Mavrck Company. GroupHigh founder Bill Brennan and CTO David Pinto will join Mavrck as COO and CTO of GroupHigh, respectively, reporting to Mavrck CEO Lyle Stevens.

About GroupHigh

GroupHigh, a Mavrck company, offers a software-as-a-service influencer marketing application that allows marketing teams to build, evaluate, and manage one-to-one-to-many influencer marketing relationships. GroupHigh features robust web and social data empowering marketers with best-in-class blog and social search, relationship ranking and scoring, and earned post tracking to generate more word of mouth buzz, increase public trust, and empower your biggest advocates.

Founded in 2012 by Bill Brennan and Andy Theimer, GroupHigh has grown to a leading public relations and marketing software provider. Located in Boulder, Colorado, GroupHigh has a growing client base of more than 400 organizations ranging from small marketing and public relations agencies to divisions of large enterprise organizations.