Part 4 of our Influencer Marketing & Relations in 2018 series. How to quantify Influencers’ business value, forecast performance and scale to an enterprise influencer marketing strategy. 

Many Influencer Marketing & Relations (IMR) strategies leave you guessing at what to expect. You spend so much time and energy finding the right Influencers, negotiating and activating – but still don’t know what you’re going to get. There is little clarity or transparency into Influencers’ anticipated brand performance, which leaves you in a perpetual, reactive struggle to measure and quantify Influencers’ business value.

Mavrck enables you to develop performance forecasts and ROI models specific to their brand objectives that allows for more thoughtful Influencer campaign planning, design, and always-on programming. Forecasting also empowers you to understand the detailed flight of their campaign and then surgically optimize accordingly. Mavrck’s integrations with established Measurement partners, e.g. Google Analytics and Kochava, allows for end-to-end optimization and measurement across the entire IMR strategy and in the context of a Marketer’s larger business objectives.

influencer-marketing-performance-forecast To date, IMR has largely been leveraged as a campaign tactic. To take IMR from tactical to enterprise-level, CX strategy also requires a comprehensive, always-on program built on an intrinsic, self-sustaining foundation of authentic Brand-Influencer relationships that consistently deliver value for both sides. Transitioning IMR to an always-on program opens up its accessibility and value to uniquely benefit a matrixed Marketing organization, creating opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce friction, and better align the organization around larger business objectives.

For example, when campaigns are not in flight, an Influencer community doubles as a vetted, engaged research panel and should be tapped for insights ahead of the next planning cycle. Doing so not only results in an ongoing exchange of Influencer engagement that serves as a mechanism for retention, but one that accumulates brand appreciation among Influencers over time. influencer-marketing-always-on-vs-campaign Mavrck’s technology makes this possible by automating the process within a brand’s existing digital CX assets to deliver a dynamic, seamless Influencer Experience (IX) that constantly optimizes based on performance, increasing Influencer retention, quality, and experience at every touchpoint. And it is this combination of integration and automation that finally enables IMR to scale. The cumulative impact that results is an evolving enterprise-level IMR strategy and brand influence powered by increasingly better insights, forecasting, and performance.

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