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Influencers Are Changing Their Content, Strategy and Behavior Around This Holiday Season

1) Influencers will be promoting more online shopping this Holiday season. 82% of influencers think there will be more online holiday content shared this season, with 39% of influencers attributing this to the importance of encouraging safety during COVID-19.

2) Most influencers are shifting their Black Friday content strategy. Overall, 42% of respondents said they would be altering their Black Friday content strategy this year, with almost half (49%) of influencers saying they will be prioritizing online shopping instead of in-store.

3) Some influencers are shifting their Giving Tuesday approach this year. When asked about their Giving Tuesday plans, 44% of influencers said they will be promoting Giving Tuesday similar to last year, 27% said they'll be promoting it more than last year, 25% said they will not be promoting it at all, and 4% said they will be promoting it less this year.

The 2020 Influencer Marketing Guide to Holiday Planning

The holiday season may feel far off, but in the advertising industry, it’s already here. Brands and marketers everywhere have already solidified their budgets or are well on their way to building their integrated marketing campaigns to go live during the coming holiday months. In previous times, consumers flocked to stores to discover and purchase gifts for family and friends. However, consumers are increasingly making decisions and purchases online. In fact, according to a study from Deloitte in 2019, more than half (54 percent) of consumers prefer to shop online during the holidays. With the uncertainty of COVID-19 in the US and the decreased ability for consumers to go in-store, the preference for online shopping is inevitable.

We also conducted a study with over 500 influencers in August which indicated that 54 percent of influencers start planning for the holidays in August and September, meaning brands need to act now. If you’re feeling behind, we have the ultimate checklist for finalizing your holiday strategy with influencers and milestones to consider when strategizing.

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What Brands Need to Know: Activating Influencers for the 2020 Holiday Season [Webinar]

Time to sleigh your holiday campaigns with influencer marketing. Amidst COVID-19 impacts and restrictions on in-person shopping, consumer behavior around the holidays will change how marketers plan their holiday promotions. In fact, 62% of influencers think there will be more online shopping content during the holidays, according to a Mavrck influencer survey from September 2020.

The holidays are already upon us, but it’s not too late to optimize your existing influencer campaigns for success. And if you’re late to plan, we’ll help you wrap up your ideas and put a bow on your strategies just in time for the holiday season.

In this presentation, we cover:

  • Consumer shopping behavior changes due to the pandemic
  • How marketers can adapt their holiday strategies in response to changing consumer behaviors
  • Driving ROI and tracking sales with influencers for the holiday shopping season
  • Winning strategies for Black Friday, Giving Tuesday, and more

Influencer Holiday Planning Stats

Each year, holiday planning begins earlier and earlier. Not only are consumers no longer waiting for the official “launch” of the holiday season on Black Friday to begin shopping, but influencers, too, are starting their collaborations with brands earlier.


of influencers start planning for the holidays in August and September.


of influencers will be changing their holiday content strategy due to the current state of the world.


of influencers say their holiday collaboration rates will not be impacted by COVID-19.
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