Defined: Our Influencer Marketing Glossary of Terms

A new year means new (and old) words to learn. Within influencer marketing, it’s hard enough to keep up with the most relevant social platforms, let alone the terms that come along with them! 

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the most commonly questioned terms across the industry: 

      • Always-On Campaign: A never-expiring campaign designed solely to increase a brand’s influencer database and capture interested creators.
      • Application Programming Interface (API): An application programming interface is a computing interface that defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. Given the unique API limitations and restrictions set in place by social media platforms, the process of how various content types are pulled into the Mavrck platform might differ.
      • Authenticate (Auth): The action of connecting social channels. Through this process, influencers grant permission to access their social account information such as content, performance metrics, audience insights, etc.
      • Awareness: A KPI measurement focusing on the effectiveness of promoting a specific product, cause, or brand initiative. For example, the goal of driving brand awareness and measuring success through the number of impressions driven by social media posts. 
      • Binding Hashtag: The hashtag that the Mavrck platform looks for when determining what content should be automatically pulled into a specific campaign.
      • Content Savings: The reduced cost associated with repurposing brand-owned, influencer-generated content (IGC) for media and marketing purposes, compared to in-house content creation costs.
      • Conversion: A specific action (such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter) performed after clicking on a link. On the Mavrck platform, a conversion occurs after clicking on the Mavrck-generated tracking link.
      • Conversion Pixel: A piece of code that is provided to advertisers to place on a website landing page. It allows brands to track and report on the actions of users who visit their page after viewing or clicking on an ad.
      • Conversion Tag: A tag installed on a brand’s e-commerce site allowing Mavrck to track conversion information (such as number of conversions driven and dollar value of conversions).
      • Evergreen Content: Interesting and relevant content that does not become outdated and thus provides long-term value.
      • Influencer-Generated Content (IGC): Content produced by influencers on behalf of a brand.
      • Influencer Marketing: An industry and marketing strategy that engages people with influence on social media to promote and sell products or services, including market research and advertising.
      • Macro-Influencers: Bloggers, creators, journalists, and other subject-matter experts (SME) who have large spheres of influence on their specific niche. They earn their living influencing audiences through the content they create. Typically, macro-influencers have between 500,000-1,000,000 followers.
        • While not as pricey as mega-influencers, macro-influencers still require significant compensation as professionals.
      • Media Savings: The reduced paid media costs associated with more efficiently leveraging influencers and re-purposing IGC as ad creative.
      • Merge Tag: A code used to automatically populate custom fields into email messaging (e.g. first name, unique tracking links, promo codes).
      • Micro-Influencers: Everyday consumers who have relevant influence and typically have between 10,000-50,000 followers. 
        • The definitive quality is that, for micro-influencers, influencer marketing is a side hustle – and while they are often expert content creators in their own right, they do not make their living through paid brand partnerships. 
        • They are often already consumers of the brands they choose to partner with, and while some micro-influencers are not aware of how influential they are, others are keenly aware and aspire to become macro-influencers. 
      • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): Monthly recurring revenue refers to the predictable, total revenue generated by your business from all the active subscriptions in a particular month.
      • Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL): Adopted by the NCAA in 2021, NIL stands for the ability for college athletes to profit off their Name, Image, and Likeness.
      • Organic Media: Original content that is published online without additional paid promotion or syndication.
      • Reach: The sum of an influencer’s followers across all of their social networks.
      • Repurposed Content: Content produced by influencers that brands can leverage in other marketing materials, such as on a brand’s social media channels or proprietary websites.
      • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): A marketing metric that measures the efficacy of an advertising campaign. ROAS helps online businesses evaluate which methods are performing best and how they can optimize future advertising efforts.
      • Return On Investment (ROI): A metric that measures the efficacy of a marketing campaign or initiative; equal to the net income generated by a specific marketing campaign or channel divided by the total cost of investment for that campaign or channel.
      • Sales Lift: An ROI measurement method referring to the incremental impact influencer marketing and influencer-generated content has on sales performance.
      • Social Proof: Psychologically speaking, social proof is “where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation”. However, in a marketing and business context, social proof is the idea that what consumers say online is more trustworthy than what brands say to consumers. 
      • Software Savings: The reduced cost associated with brands replacing disparate systems with Mavrck’s all-in-one platform.
      • Spark Ad: An ad format offered on TikTok that lets brands boost their own organic posts or the videos of creators as TopView or in-feed ads.
      • Time Savings: The reduced time investment resulting from the ability to scale your output per hour spent on marketing efforts without adding headcount.
      • Tracking Link: Unique links distributed to influencers that allow the Mavrck platform to track clicks and when the conversion script is present, conversions are generated by each influencer.
      • User-generated content (UGC): Any form of content created by users and consumers about a brand or product. UGC isn’t paid for, and its authenticity empowers the user to become the “brand advertiser” as well.


Of course, this is only a short list of terms within an ever-evolving industry. To learn more about industry terms and the value your team can garner from Mavrck’s platform, book a demo here.