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With 80% of marketers investing in influencer marketing strategies in 2016, influencers have become the go-to solution to overcome a growing list of ad hurdles in the social media landscape. In response to this rising interest in influencer strategies, Mavrck is proud to announce the release of “The Rise of the Micro-Influencers”, a white paper resource for marketers looking to incorporate an influencer strategy.

Consumer distrust of ads, and the subsequent rise of ad blockers as a solution to this distrust, are both at an all time high. In an eMarketer report on US Retail, 81% of consumers reported that friends and family were their most trusted source of product recommendation, while paid ads were the least trustworthy. Meanwhile, the advertising industry lost 22 billion dollars of revenue in 2015 as a result of now-commonplace ad blockers.

As social media channels are increasingly saturated with the noise of competing brands, and as consumers having an increasing level of control over what they choose to engage with at every turn, your customers with influence are your most valuable brand asset.

Our micro-influencer white paper breaks down the need-to-know info about micro-influencers’ unique value proposition within the influencer industry: who they are, how you discover and activate them, and why they’ll drive conversions for your business objectives.

Key takeaways:

  • How to define micro-influencers
  • Why micro-influencers deliver 2.5x – 3.75x lower CPA compared to paid social and other influencer marketing tactics
  • 9 examples of common micro-influencer KPI’s for your brand
  • 8 ways to incentivize micro-influencers without exchanging money
  • 6 use cases of brands who have used a micro-influencer strategy to achieve their business objectives

(Download) The Rise of Micro-Influencers