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Be Discovered

Brands are looking for individuals to collaborate with on campaigns in more targeted ways and using more specific criteria. By connecting your social accounts and completing your profile, you will be more discoverable by brands for these campaigns. That’s just the start point for lasting, impactful and mutually beneficial partnerships with innovative brands. Join Mavrck’s Influencer Index to increase your visibility and be considered for more brand campaigns and collaborations.

Joining is a few easy steps:

  • Connect your social accounts
  • Safely verify your personal information
  • Complete profile questions

Create Lasting Brand Relationships

Brands search the Mavrck Influencer Index to discover and partner with new creators they hope to build long-term relationships with.

Be among a brand’s preferred creators by:

  • Responding in a timely fashion and communicating with professionalism
  • Posting according to the campaign schedule
  • Following creative and campaign brief requirements 
  • Including required FTC and brand disclosures