Harness the Power of Influence In the Moment

Mavrck Influence Plugin automates identifying, activating, and retaining unique influencer segments in the moment of brand interaction

Influence Meets CX

Unlock influence at every touchpoint. Use Influence Plugin to automate in-moment influencer identification, activation and retention across your customer experience.Influence Plugin enables real-time influence measurement of consumers who interact with a brand’s digital and mobile assets, allowing for contextual and personalized activation based on their ability to impact brand objectives.

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Always-On Discovery & Identification

Identify and validate unique influencer segments in the moments of brand interaction, reducing dependence on sourcing from static databases or closed influencer networks. 

Personalized Recruitment & Activation

Deliver personalized and dynamic activation based on consumers' social influence and context, including influence level, demographics, psychographics,  and touchpoint.

Effective Influencer Retention

Provide elevated, exclusive experiences for existing influencers to build ongoing relationships and incremental value. 

Integrate with Existing Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Amplify the value of your existing marketing programs by dimensionalizing member profiles with social influence data and performance.

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Self-Service Influencer Manager

Mavrck's Self-Service Influencer Manager enables brands to take an all-in-one, programmatic approach to influencer marketing across audiences, campaigns, creative, incentives, and reporting.

Influence Plugin is powered by Mavrck’s patented algorithm, machine learning models, and authenticated first party opt-in data, ensuring your influencers, advocates, referrers and loyalists are relevant and authentic.

  • Influencer Activation Interface
  • Patented Data Engine
  • Self-Service Management
  • End-to-End Measurement
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