Dec 19, 2017:  Happy holidays from our squad to yours!  In this week’s news – Facebook tweaks its News Feed algorithm to prioritize Watch, Disney purchases Fox, NY Times changes their approach, and 2018 trends reports are released
Here’s what’s worth knowing this week:

Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch

Facebook’s News Feed is ch-ch-ch-changing, just in time for the new year. This week, Zuck & Co. announced plans to update its News Feed ranking to prioritize publishers and content creators that are producing shows for Watch. The algorithm will be revised to display the shows in the News Feed that people are seeking out or drawing repeat viewers. Watch out YouTube, things are about to get frosty.

What it means, IRL: Is this the ghost of must-see TV’s future? With ad inventory and space at an all time low, FB is desperately trying to create new revenue gen opportunities via Watch. In their most recent quest to monetize Watch, they’re prioritizing two things to drive viewership – most searched-for content and high-performing serial programming. As a result, publishers have greater incentives to create episodic content instead of ads or one-off videos.

Make it work: As Facebook shifts its strategy towards Watch, marketers are left with three options. They can partner with the video creators and publishers who have already developed a high demand Watch series, they can create/co-create a Watch series with the creator of their influencer of choice aligned to audiences’ interests, or pre-roll video (among the most despised mobile ad formats).

Not quite feeling the holiday cheer? There’s nothing like Humans of New York to pull at your heart-strings and get you in the holly jolly spirit.


‘It’s essentially about recognizing that the early days, the first 15, 20 years of the internet were wrong. The whole concept that infinite free distribution would solve all the business problems associated with journalism, and there’d be a perfect way of matching news to users, has just turned out to be wrong.’ – Mark Thompson, New York Times CEO

#Preach. And it’s not just news – there’s no perfect way to match content to users, period – the state of the digital ad industry alone is ho-ho-horrible. But what to do about it? The NYT CEO is setting the tone for publishers by completely rethinking the model, putting mobile first and putting the consumer ahead of journalist needs.

Thompson specifically calls out Facebook’s lack of regulation. The point of social platforms used to be about connecting people, but can we trust them to deliver trustworthy and valid information as a marketer and consumer? Now that even Facebook is being questioned by Congress, what social responsibility do platforms, publishers, and brands have to truth? It’s an opportunity for all to step up and be accountable to the truth of their content, products and customer experiences.

The Nutcracker vs. the Mouse King

Last week, Disney announced plans to purchase 21st Century Fox for a casual $52 billion. As part of the deal, Disney will have access to Fox movie and TV studios, its regional sports networks, and – drum roll please – its stake in Hulu. With access to Hulu, Disney would be able to cross-pollinate with its own streaming services and open up even more potential for ESPN. If the deal closes, it would allow Disney to compete with industry giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook – all of whom have been making big investments in video streaming services.

It’s The Most Wonderful Trend Of The Year

Trends on trends on trends. Tis’ the season for 2018 trend reports! Last week, Pinterest released its annual Pinterest 100 report, detailing their predictions for 2018 trends based on what Pinners are saving on their boards. Among the leading trends – vegan desserts, statement earrings, and mediterranean island hopping – yes please. In case you’re even more curious for what 2018 has in store, Sparks & Honey also released a 2018 trends report. Spoiler alert – get ready for a clean, chic lifestyle. And if you’re really looking to make a splash in 2018, check out what Amazon’s doing. New year, new consumer behaviors, new strategy.

For All The Creative Elves In Your Agency Workshop

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a gift from Zuck & Co. Say hello to Creative Hub, Facebook’s new platform designed to help you build winning ads. Within the platform, users can learn about different ad formats, mock up ideas and collab with their team before sending ads live.

Though FB Ads Manager is becoming more turnkey and easy, it hasn’t always been aligned with creators and the creative process. As its tools for creatives and branded content continues to evolve and converge within Facebook Business Manager, look for these two opportunities to allow marketers to have better access to influencer-generated content in 2018.


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