New features for all creators

It’s happening! Instagram announced its global debut of the expanded link sticker feature for Stories on October 27, 2021. All accounts, regardless of follower count, are able to use link stickers in their Stories now. 

With the extension of link stickers to all users, Instagram has made an inclusive move to activate its entire user base – not just those who have monetized their personal brand or have created content that earned them mass amounts of followers. In fact, Instagram says that this move is a result of pursuing greater equity, expression, and enablement amongst users – which we love. 

Swipe-up is swiped out

But if link stickers are in, what’s out? Link stickers have replaced the swipe-up feature, which was nixed in August and was only available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers. Traditionally, features of this variety are only available to the aforementioned follower threshold as well as business accounts. 

We know that social media is in a constant state of upgrading. Will link stickers become second nature, or will the swipe-up feature be missed? Time will tell – and so will clicks. 

How to use the new link sticker

The feature is now live! To add a link sticker to your Instagram Story, simply create your Story, click the sticker icon and select from the array of options. Then, go ahead and drop in your chosen link and tap ‘done.’ You can customize the link’s appearance by dragging and resizing it with a pinch of your fingers.

One thing to note is that this feature doesn’t apply to in-feed posts. Creators will still have to point to a link in their bio. But who knows? Maybe this quirk is slated for a revamp, too.

The destination and the journey 

This expanded feature has some hopeful indications as it opens the door for more people than ever. This is especially true for smaller accounts, like nano-influencers and up-and-coming content creators, who will be able to get involved in brand partnerships and expand their audience. While the future is subject to change, we’re looking forward to seeing ambassador programs, loyalist programs, referrer programs, and more flourishing under this now universally-available feature. 


Key points

We’re especially excited as Instagram, as a whole, is an engaging, compelling platform. In particular, we see a huge opportunity for creators with smaller followings to grow with Stories. And, brands will be able to boost their presence by adding Stories content to their influencer marketing mix. Here are some tips for brands and creators to follow to get started: 

    • If you’re a creator who hasn’t done so yet, start testing out link stickers in your Stories to acclimate to their functionality
    • Brands can now open up their brand ambassador and affiliate programs to creators with any follower count
    • Creators – make sure to keep an eye on your engagement and take note of how link stickers compare to the retired swipe-up feature
    • If you’re a brand, schedule a demo with Mavrck to see how we can help you transform your creator partnerships and expand into new opportunities.