Mavrck is proud to announce the release of our latest case study on the success driven during Unilever’s Clear 7-Day Hair and Scalp Challenge.

unilever clear mavrck case study

By using Mavrck’s marketing platform to successfully discover and activate Clear’s most influential fans to create and post branded content on social, Clear was able to drive an extremely successful 7 day campaign that resulted in a 5x improvement in its influencers’ Net Promoter Score.

Clear launched its 7-Day Hair and Scalp Challenge as a promotion for Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo and conditioner. The challenge encouraged women everywhere to simply try the new haircare solution for seven days to experience stronger and more beautiful hair.

Because it was a product launch, Clear’s goals were aimed at raising awareness across the U.S., driving new product purchases and trials, and raising positive brand sentiment. Clear wanted to turn to their fans to achieve these goals – fans who are proven influencers.

From 1,000 micro-influencer activations, Clear achieved the following results: 2,815 Facebook Engagements, 2,421 Email Addresses Captured, and a 5X increase in Net Promoter Score.