You’ve got the followers, now get them talking!

You’ve chosen the best social media network for your brand and campaign, so now you need to engage your followers and get them talking about you.

Be Proactive:

Don’t wait for followers to reach out to you. Be proactive and engage with those who mention your brand or product. Social media software venture NM Incite states has found that “71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective response on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to others.” Compare that to the 19% who recommend brands when they don’t receive a quick response.

Monitor the Hashtag:

Hashtags allow all content from your campaign to be organized and searchable. They also verify participation in the campaign and create emphasis from other posts in the news feed. It also allows your campaign to stay cohesive across multiple social networks.

Interact with Content & Join the Conversation:

Once you find the content generated from your campaign or from a general hashtag search, interact with fans’ content by re-posting, liking, and commenting. Make sure top contributors feel recognized so they will continue to be loyal to your brand and produce more content.

Let your fans express themselves through your campaigns or hashtags, then repost, like, and comment to let customers feel recognized. Even a simple acknowledgement can be the reinforcement a customer needs to feel inclined to post more content about you.

Craft Posts to Drive Click-Throughs:

To get your fans from your social media page to your website or specific content, include a call-to-action in your post. This can be in the form of a quiz, survey, newsletter signups, or drive to purchase depending on what your conversion goal is.

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Use Images to Your Advantage:

Image posts garner a lot of attention and engagement, but what and how you post them matters, too.

Some brands see more engagement when their product images don’t include people, while the opposite is true for others. Check out the examples below from American Apparel, Subaru and Wendy’s:

American Apparel: 

426 likes  vs. 2,821 likes/0 shares vs. 42 shares

American Apparel 1American Apparel 2


416 likes vs. 2,608 likes/11 shares vs. 208 shares

Subaru 1 Subaru 2



16,295 likes vs. 56,522 likes/238 shares vs. 684 shares

Wendy's 1 Wendy's 2

Engagement can vary by content, timing, and network, so it’s best to see what type of photos and specific content-type work best for your brand. To identify what best engages your audience, try posting one type at a time and monitor how each performs. Once you’ve determined which type of image update your fans prefer, you can adjust future posts accordingly.

Start an Influencer Community:

Build long-term strategic relationships with your most influential customers by providing them with an exclusive digital experience for news, content and rewards. This will enable them to connect with other influencers, which will amplify their engagement across social networks.

At Mavrck, these influencer communities are what we’re all about. Research shows that one of the top reasons consumers follow a brand on social media is to receive perks like discounts and special offers; it’s the power of the VIP effect. Careful, though – they don’t like to feel spammed. We make communities easy to opt-into, post engaging and relevant content, and help you provide rewards to your top influencers without making the community feel “spammy”.

To learn more about how we successfully drive your sales by activating influencers, request a demo today!

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